Surgery, in 12 hours time

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Oh well, i know it's just a normal wisdom tooth surgery (read, not extraction) and everyone has to go through it sooner or later but hey, the other time when i was trying to extract my lower left wisdom, i had muscle (gums) spasms due to anesthetic allergy okay !! And so, Dr Tan recommended Sedatives this time round - for both my lower left and right wisdom.

Googled abit bout Sedation and guess what i found ? Please realize that sedatives are used to control anxiety, not pain. So what ? Will i like wake up in pain in the middle of the surgery ? Haha !

Intravenous sedatives are medications used to control anxiety which are administered by way of injecting them into one of your veins ("I.V."). In general, a deeper and more controlled level of sedation can be achieved when using intravenous sedatives as opposed to nitrous oxide or oral sedatives. Typically intravenous sedatives are administered by oral surgeons (as opposed to "general dentists") because they have the specialized training and monitoring equipment need when using these medications. Some intravenous sedatives have an "amnesic effect." This means that when they are used the patient will have no recall or memory of the dental procedure.

Your dentist will need to provide you with specific instructions regarding their use of the intravenous sedative chosen for use with you. It is very important that you follow these instructions. Usually included in these instructions are rules about not eating or drinking for some hours prior to the administration of the sedative.

Alright. Gotta hit the sack already. Waking up at 8am tomorrow morning to have a heavy breakfast so that i can fast 4 hours prior to the mini op.

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