Tuesday, July 31, 2007

To start off our project rushing night, is an encouraging note from Randy. Yes, the Mdeas supervisor whom i've mentioned being afraid of receiving emails from. As long when Imanage is not invovled, Randy is considered a nice guy.

Phoebe's turning 19 on the 31st, yet we had to make her stay over in school with us on the 30th. So we (Adel, Yours truly, ZhiXian, Alvin, Elson, Liyao) decided to throw a surprise "party" for her at Mdeas.


Phoebe's chocolately cake ! Sinful.

Snacks from States. Thanks Luppy !!

Twas several minutes to midnight when Adel and i took Phoebe to the toilet. Main intention was to buy some time while the guys prepare the cake. But it ended up that AngAhLian found out what we're up to, and there goes the surprise.

AND !! (toilet == camwhoring time) !! When the night was still young - see how energetic we were.

The stupid things we do

Songs to to perk ourselves up

And 6am spells ko,

Then twas heading down for DSCN at 12pm without completing our JMS application. No matter how we run our client application, the stupid UI just wouldn't appear. And we got back our Package1's result, D+.It's the first time i got a fucking D in my 3 years of poly life. Screw problem based learning. Yea, screw you.

If you wanna cry

Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's a sunny sunday and i'm in school, coding.

I can't stand it anymore.
School better ends fast.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Last night was downright depressing. You know how sometimes certain thoughts would just come taking you down, making you all emotional, or worse, gives you suicide attempts ? What i went through was exactly somewhere along that line. I even thought i would not live to see the sun rise.

I miss you so fucking much boyfriend. Like when was the last time i saw you man !! And and, i swear i'm gonna order some of these soon. Mong cupcakes, DROOOOOOLS !!


Friday, July 27, 2007

MP evaluation today. Things were pretty smooth for the girls cause we presented the selling points instead of the funcions. But poor Noor and ZhiXian, who got shot by the Course Manager like there's no tomorrow.

Pissed. With every single thing in the world. Everything is just so fucking screwed. Believe me when i say i'm screwed, updownleftright.

"I dont think i need to see you everyday,
just to prove that i care"

Out for walk in abit. To take a breather from all these shits i'm going through. I just want a break. A break from all strings and ties attached. I need a miracle, to change my attitude towards this little thing called love.

Who says relax ??

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Joy's latest blog entry had just reminded me of how much work TP is piling on me. My eyebags/ darkrings are sucha nuisance. They just cant seem to go away. And my sleep debt is, GRRR. Final year just spells crap. Oh wells.

This Week
Wed - Selling & Sales Presentation
Fri - MP Evaluation 1

Next Week
Mon - CMSK Oral Presentation
Tue - DSCN Problem Package 2 (Codes/Report)

The Week After Next
Mon - CMSK Brochure Consultation
Mon - Sales Exam Paper
Thu - ENAD Problem Package 2 & RBL
Fri - IManage Official Launch

Last Week Of The Sem
Mon - CMSK Brochure Submission
Tue - DSCN Lab Test

Selling & sales management

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Twas my selling and sales roleplay today. Everything went well and Paul Ng said we did a good job, which i feels that he says the same thing to every group. Then twas lunch and MP all the way till 5pm.

Stunner alert!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Adel calls me a stunner. Cause i only know how to chu stunts with the possession of the craziest coloured jeans ever. First it's red, and now it's electric blue. And i'm totally diggin' the orange and yellow ones that arrives next week, OHHLALA!!

Hello rangers

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Extremely disturbed i may be, by the fact that B is the world most hardcore gamer, but this silly boyfriend of mine never fails to melt my heart with the smallest actions he does, and plants a mega wide smile on my face.

And so, twas stayover night at my B's last night. Initial plan was to pack his very very messy wardrobe, and catch Pirates together but his ext hdd was down so go figure (:


And after

And here are the many little things B got for me: Angel devil voodoo earrings, uber cute "shan shan" amulets, shirts, jacket, Spidey and Venom keychains, and a hugeeee MICKEY BOUQUET !!


Guys can be sucha drag when it comes to styling their hair, no ?

On a happier note

Friday, July 20, 2007

Napfa test's to be on 21 August. Exactly a month from now, and i've yet to start training for it yet. ROAR~

OH HOLY SHIT. This, is what i call my most critical phase of my academic life but why is it that i hardly give a shit bout it, anymore ?

On a happier note,

Guess who is back in town


Bullets and lace

Thursday, July 19, 2007


1 more day (:

before Mister Babylove comes home


And so, according to this, it's 16 hours before B touches down. Can you feel the excitement already ? And i smell tonnes of fun and trouble (:

It's not the same when you're not around

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


2 more days (:

before Mister Babylove comes home


B just dropped my call on Skype, to play Dota. Yea, those guys are gonna chiong Dota tonight and B had decided to ditch me for Dota.

Love Huishan < Love Dota (OHMYGAWD!!)

I'm dying without my B

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


3 more days (:

before Mister Babylove comes home


Had an awful night. Couldn't get to sleep till 2 in the morning. And i had a weird short dream in the morning, i was dreaming of my B (:


B's having some crazy party in his room, while i'm struggling with my Major Project's forum layout ):

Metal teeth

Monday, July 16, 2007


4 more days (:

before Mister Babylove comes home


Major Project presentation was screwed, as usual. Presentations were never a kick for me, but we are presenting in a lecture hall this time and the space just scares the shit outta me.

And i proudly announce i've got the sweetest boyfriend ever ! Thanks for staying up to accompany me when you've got school at 8am the next morning.


Bah, ima sucker at relationships

Sunday, July 15, 2007


5 more days (:

before Mister Babylove comes home


Pissed/ Alone/ Stress/ Zonked

Reminder to self (Thing due tomorrow):

1) Sales Report ☐

2) Sales Individual Journal ☐

3) Sales Oral Presentation Script ☐

4) Major Project Live Server Testing ☑

5) Major Project Formal Presentation ☐

6) CMSK Oral Presentation Rehearsal ☑

Less than a week more

Saturday, July 14, 2007


6 more days (:

before Mister Babylove comes home


Just a week more

Friday, July 13, 2007


7 more days (:

before Mister Babylove comes home


Things are turning sour for the company people and us 3 girls. Nobody in this world, i repeat, NOBODY is perfect. Yes i am stupid, and is a sucker at programming, but that does not give you any reason to condemn and demoralize me.

It's not that i don't agree to YOU, but sometimes things seriously aren't the way you see it to be. Never assume cause when you assume you fucking make an ass outta you and me.

And like what Eileen had said, why bother to explain, when explaining is just another channel for him to say that we are guilty and is trying to cover up for ourselves.

You claim that we are not committed to your iManage. Then why did we stay up in school to rush out the system testing for you ? We could have jolly well left the bloody cabin and let you guys do the testing yourselves. And where were you when we needed to clarify our scope with you ? We got our asses down early in the morning, to find you soundly sleeping at home at 11 am.

Just because i'm not as efficient as the guys, as smart as the guys, as clever as the guys, you look down on me. I am willing to learn, willing to commit, but it seems like i'm not given the chance to cause it's your company's reputation at stake ? Don't deny cause that's the fucking impression you gave me.

We'll admit whichever fault you push to us. And take whatever shit it being thrown to us. Look down on me all you want. Demoralize me. Condemn me. I don't give two sqats a piss bout you and your oh-you-are-stupid-and-i-shall-look-down-on-you attitude. It's just a few more months before i totally bid goodbye to all your nonsense.

Major problem is back

Thursday, July 12, 2007


8 more days (:

before Mister Babylove comes home


I never knew that drinking ice water can burn calories. 1 glass burns 30 calories. So drink up kiddos !

And so, the effing Major Project is back to haunt me. Seriously, i have this phobia of seeing the email notification popups these days. Never once is it something good, something to brighten up my days. Especially the popup with a white pupp display pic. Yes randy, i'm afraid of you, and your emails that sends me a trip to hell and back.


Today's was one of the worst ever since the start of my Year3 journey. And it's the first time ever i cried in school, during the MP meeting and ENAD lab. And i'm sorry to those whom i gave shit to during that 4 hours.

MP meeting was bad. Ms Chiang and she mentioned that our project evaluator, also my course's course manager Mr Lim feels that the girls are not doing enough codings. And all the testing and debuggings that we're doing currently are actually not counted. And if these continues, we might just fail our MP. But these work are assigned by the Mdeas people, no ?

So my nice supervisor Ms Chiang is trying to fight some codings for us to do. But 1 thing i'm concerned, i've got Sales report submission on Monday, Sales Journal and presentation Wednesday. CMSK presentation rehearsal on Monday. And also come up with all the Teacher's and Public portal's test plan and test case for MP, by Monday. Go figure.

The horoscope for the day:

The Bottom Line
More than any other day this week, today is a very good day to get what you want.

In Detail
More than any other day this week, today is a very good day to get what you want. Your charm and intellect are both at their highest peak, and you'll be able to negotiate like an expert. If you have been waiting to have 'that talk' with your boss, today it's time to ask for a meeting -- and then ask for a raise, more responsibilities or a decision on that question you asked them weeks ago. Push a little harder today -- you won't get dirty looks. You will get results.

It's not that true after all, is it ?

Okay, i'm not allowed to whine/ complain to my buikia tiko boyfriend so i'm pouring it all out on this space. Sorry kiddos !!


Thank God B still loves me

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


9 more days (:

before Mister Babylove comes home


Oooh like finally the number of days are of single digit. Yours truly misses her Bby Boo a hell lot, so will time just flash past like a bloody lightning and turn tomorrow into 20th July ? 现在就想马上见到你, 就想马上靠着你 >:(

And so, it's pamper yourself day today ! Went for a mini facial/ retail therapy session with Eileen at Bugis after school. I'm addikted to bright coloured skinnies. First it's the red ones, and now i'm gaga over the blue ones. Some kind souls buy the neon blue one for me purrlesss (:

Oh oh, and i got back my Selling & Sales Management termtest results. Nothing impressive to flaunt bout' but finally finally, a grade to break this whole C and C+ trend. YipeeYayYay, and 1 thing fo'sho - yours truly ain't no an IT girl.

Oh periods. And i'm having the worst cramps i had in 7 years.

In love with only you

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


10 more days (:

before Mister Babylove comes home


I would go along with you B <3

Monday, July 9, 2007


11 more days (:

before Mister Babylove comes home


Finally done. Taiwan idol serials never fails to make me go gaga over. Bah, it's hightime i stop watching shows on YouTube (:

B and me got similar smiles (:

I hate this sunday

Sunday, July 8, 2007


12 more days (:

before Mister Babylove comes home


Somebody buy them for me !! >.<

Cherry pixel

Saturday, July 7, 2007


13 more days (:

before Mister Babylove comes home




Down on bended knees : i pray

Friday, July 6, 2007


14 more days (:

before Mister Babylove comes home


Have you ever felt that at times in Life, you wake up and realize how wrong you got it. You take a look in the mirror and you can't even recognize the person staring back at you.

Dear God ♥

This is Huishan. Can you hear me ?

I'm sick of running in circles and sinking into quicksand, tired of walking on that tight rope and tired of having to act like everythings ok. Why did you leave me with such a cheery deposition that in the ugliest times like this.

Why can't i cope on my own ? I can't seem to breathe. My termtest results and piling projects and the stupid major project are pissing me off. School is pissing me off, major. SO MANY THINGS TO DO SO LITTLE TIME. I give up i give up.

So done with wishing you were here

Thursday, July 5, 2007


15 more days (:

before Mister Babylove comes home


Mister Boyfriend

It is awfully tough for me to put into words how i feel inside of me now. Gone were our sweet oh days. All i ask for, is for us to be like how we used to be. Nothing more, nothing less.

So you all must be wondering. What happened ? Yours truly's got two words for you, don't ask. All i can say is that i got really upset with B, and about certain things which i don't wish to elaborate. But 1 thing i ought to admit, B and me went through a wee bit of a bumpy ride. Alot of things got outta hand, and my days sank to the rock bottom.

♥ 不能说的秘密 ♥


















Yet another C to this semester's termtest result. It sucks knowing that after working so friggin' hard for everything, i just can't seem to make both ends meet. Everything, is going on a mega downfall.

'Nuff said.

(Inserts any title here)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


16 more days (:

before Mister Babylove comes home


The aftermath of work overload, lovefights and lack of sleep is a major killer. My moodswings, headaches, and the nonstop relapse of my hypoglycemia syndrom.

My b's a heartie, totally diggin'


Counting down

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


17 more days (:

before Mister Babylove comes home


DSCN termtest result was released today. And im disappointed to say that i didn't do very well. No A's, nor B's. And it sure sounds like a major threat to my already miserable grades.

You are the love of my life

Monday, July 2, 2007


18 more days (:

before Mister Babylove comes home


Emo songs makes me cry. And miss my stupid boyfriend a hell lot.

Can't Wait

Fee Fai Foh Fum

Sunday, July 1, 2007


19 more days (:

before Mister Babylove comes home


And so, my Sunday was spent msn-ing and skype-ing with Mister Babylove and running the 4km charity run MilkRun. And i'm proud to announce that, yours truly ran throughout the whole 4km journey. Just a lil brisk walk and stops at the 2 water junctions.

The race route,

Just reached,

Just before the run (Yes, already grumpy)

After the run,refreshed and changed. But pardon the hair.