Thank God B still loves me

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


9 more days (:

before Mister Babylove comes home


Oooh like finally the number of days are of single digit. Yours truly misses her Bby Boo a hell lot, so will time just flash past like a bloody lightning and turn tomorrow into 20th July ? 现在就想马上见到你, 就想马上靠着你 >:(

And so, it's pamper yourself day today ! Went for a mini facial/ retail therapy session with Eileen at Bugis after school. I'm addikted to bright coloured skinnies. First it's the red ones, and now i'm gaga over the blue ones. Some kind souls buy the neon blue one for me purrlesss (:

Oh oh, and i got back my Selling & Sales Management termtest results. Nothing impressive to flaunt bout' but finally finally, a grade to break this whole C and C+ trend. YipeeYayYay, and 1 thing fo'sho - yours truly ain't no an IT girl.

Oh periods. And i'm having the worst cramps i had in 7 years.

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