Just a week more

Friday, July 13, 2007


7 more days (:

before Mister Babylove comes home


Things are turning sour for the company people and us 3 girls. Nobody in this world, i repeat, NOBODY is perfect. Yes i am stupid, and is a sucker at programming, but that does not give you any reason to condemn and demoralize me.

It's not that i don't agree to YOU, but sometimes things seriously aren't the way you see it to be. Never assume cause when you assume you fucking make an ass outta you and me.

And like what Eileen had said, why bother to explain, when explaining is just another channel for him to say that we are guilty and is trying to cover up for ourselves.

You claim that we are not committed to your iManage. Then why did we stay up in school to rush out the system testing for you ? We could have jolly well left the bloody cabin and let you guys do the testing yourselves. And where were you when we needed to clarify our scope with you ? We got our asses down early in the morning, to find you soundly sleeping at home at 11 am.

Just because i'm not as efficient as the guys, as smart as the guys, as clever as the guys, you look down on me. I am willing to learn, willing to commit, but it seems like i'm not given the chance to cause it's your company's reputation at stake ? Don't deny cause that's the fucking impression you gave me.

We'll admit whichever fault you push to us. And take whatever shit it being thrown to us. Look down on me all you want. Demoralize me. Condemn me. I don't give two sqats a piss bout you and your oh-you-are-stupid-and-i-shall-look-down-on-you attitude. It's just a few more months before i totally bid goodbye to all your nonsense.

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