Major problem is back

Thursday, July 12, 2007


8 more days (:

before Mister Babylove comes home


I never knew that drinking ice water can burn calories. 1 glass burns 30 calories. So drink up kiddos !

And so, the effing Major Project is back to haunt me. Seriously, i have this phobia of seeing the email notification popups these days. Never once is it something good, something to brighten up my days. Especially the popup with a white pupp display pic. Yes randy, i'm afraid of you, and your emails that sends me a trip to hell and back.


Today's was one of the worst ever since the start of my Year3 journey. And it's the first time ever i cried in school, during the MP meeting and ENAD lab. And i'm sorry to those whom i gave shit to during that 4 hours.

MP meeting was bad. Ms Chiang and she mentioned that our project evaluator, also my course's course manager Mr Lim feels that the girls are not doing enough codings. And all the testing and debuggings that we're doing currently are actually not counted. And if these continues, we might just fail our MP. But these work are assigned by the Mdeas people, no ?

So my nice supervisor Ms Chiang is trying to fight some codings for us to do. But 1 thing i'm concerned, i've got Sales report submission on Monday, Sales Journal and presentation Wednesday. CMSK presentation rehearsal on Monday. And also come up with all the Teacher's and Public portal's test plan and test case for MP, by Monday. Go figure.

The horoscope for the day:

The Bottom Line
More than any other day this week, today is a very good day to get what you want.

In Detail
More than any other day this week, today is a very good day to get what you want. Your charm and intellect are both at their highest peak, and you'll be able to negotiate like an expert. If you have been waiting to have 'that talk' with your boss, today it's time to ask for a meeting -- and then ask for a raise, more responsibilities or a decision on that question you asked them weeks ago. Push a little harder today -- you won't get dirty looks. You will get results.

It's not that true after all, is it ?

Okay, i'm not allowed to whine/ complain to my buikia tiko boyfriend so i'm pouring it all out on this space. Sorry kiddos !!


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