Ice ice baby

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Was at Rowena's Ramblings when i saw this Japanese Generator thingamajig. Looks kinda fun, you guys should try it (:

My authentic japanese name is,

松尾 Matsuo (tail of a pine tree) 美晴 Miharu (beautiful clear sky).

And and, wanna guess what is B's authentic japanese name ??

長谷川 Hasegawa (long valley river) 涼二 Ryouji (twice refreshing).

Take your real japanese name generator today!

(Edited 11:50pm)

Weekend was stayover at B's crib. Oh did i mention that he was not confined for the weekend ? Okay, i should use the word YET. Well, cause the people haven't decided how to punish B so he got to book out on Friday afternoon. Anyway, B was down with a fever and i took over the job of a nurse, making sure that he takes his medicine, drink lotsa waster, yada yada. But i somehow feel that i haven't done a good job at all :/

Saturday, November 29, 2008

model stands at 162cm and uk6

click HERE for measurements and prices.

B's not confined, YET

Friday, November 28, 2008

I've updated MissFayne ! Some of the items are,

more designs and colours can be found here (:

Finally it's done

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I think B and i are missing out too much on each other's life. Army, school, and my mom. Yea mom's getting a tad too cranky these days, i don't know why. The last time i saw B was on the 15th (yea, it's been so many days). We could have met on 22nd, which was our 19th monthsary but he booked out really really late due to his Sit-test. Just when we thought we could meet on Sunday, my mom got cranky and insisted that i accompany her out. Our only hope is this weekend but guess what ? B's getting confined cause there's scratches on him gun he damaged his weapon. There is even a chance of him getting charged, or SOL.

Anyway, i've finally gotten Haloscan up and going ! Cbox is getting way too hard for me to manage, especially when there are so many shops advertising at my Cbox. So from today onwards, click on the word kissed below every entry to comment yea ? And i'll reply to your comment via editing your comment (:

And and, don't forget to vote fot me at Belumni ya. In fact, you can vote for any of the other 3 girls too, it doesn't harm to vote 4 times right ? Haha (: Vote now, at Belumni ! I'll do those unreplied tags here, and the rest, do comment in my haloscan yea :D


miemiemie: i'll vote for you then if you win you should take me for the 50% off..hahaha just kidding :) i'll vote for you
* Haha, i would love to ! But how to when youre not even in Singapore !

Name: what happen to your hair? i thought u permed it?
* Haha yup i did perm it. And its still permed. Just that on days which i feel like having straight hair, i'll blow them straight :D

miemiemie: i love your new profile pic!! blue looks hot on you!
* I like that blue too :D

I was featured

Monday, November 24, 2008

Hey people, i am the featured on Belumni, click here ! I'm the featured babe (okay maybe not, haha) for the 4th week of November. Please vote for me yea ? Cause if i were to win, i'll be bagging home a Spa manicure and pedicure package worth $100, plus 50% discount for a friend whom i'm bringing along. So what are you waiting for ? Vote for me now !! Vote here (:

Tag replies

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Rowena: No problem hun Love your blog's layout though!
* I used an old skin and revamped it (:

Winnie: hello(: thks for ytd's 'talk', lol. (:
* Welcome. You're my cousin lae. I don't help you, who help you ?

anon: i wud die 2 haf ur figure gal.
* Haha thank you. But i think my thighs are horrendous.

marilyn: totally agree with manda and caca :) and apparently i think shann will survive thru ! :) cos sch has been a distraction for her to think of her bf! :) so that lesser all the emo thoughts :)
* Haha. I also no time to emo lo (:

manda: hahas i was referring to the other jacket.. =) i also dun understand why ppl think that once the guy is in NS the girls will run away.. i think ppl who think like tat hab no faith at all...
* Oh, it was from UO (: Haha i don't understand why they think that way too. Are we girls really that cheap in their eyes. Haha.

you: cool song yo
* Thank you. I like the song too :D

rebecca: hushannn !!!! wonder why pple will think we will run to other guys when our boys are in ns, hahas x) so effing hilarious lo, i bet its either they must have been made a cuckoo or they must have failed to control their miserable lonelinesss, thus they expect us to react like hw they do =/
* Haha ya la ! I bet that anon was cuckoo-ed.

marilyn: okies mah!!!! i think u look okies when u smile!
* Lol. But i don't quite like. Sometimes i like, sometimes i don't like. I'm always contradicting myself. Haha.

Snuffle snuffle snuff

Saturday, November 22, 2008


And so, my date is cancelled ! Haha. This is cause B's Sit-Test ended really really late (say 5pm?) and he is booking out only at 7pm. So by the time he reaches home, he'll be waaayyy too tired to leave house again.

And i'll be heading down to IMM with my parents tomorrow, so yeah. No tlc from the boyfriend this week. Anyway, i've put up some of my preloved items at MissFayne. So do help fund my depleting account yea ?

What are you waiting for ? Come on in now.

model stands at 162cm and uk6

click HERE for measurements and prices.

Your candy striper

Friday, November 21, 2008

Baby is coming home from his Sit-Test tomorrow ! And guess what ? We'll be dining out cause its our 19th monthsary tomorrow ! Yippee yippee yay yay

Anyway, i've updated MissFayne !!

for more designs and measurements, click here.

Fuck you. Fuck you very very much.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


you: OMG ANON? this is SO hilarious what is your problem HAHAHA. and "u know"? they say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. you must be those who cant see the beauty in anything,
* Anon and U Know are very hilarious indeed.

u know: it doesnt work dat way gal.u maybe thin but u need da looks,da style to look good.which u seriously lack of.
* Haha, i don't think i've ever mentioned that being skinny is equivilant to looking good. Furthermore, i didn't claim that i look good, did i ? Correct me if i'm wrong.

anon: we shall see if u rly wun run away wf other man. u r born a bitch. how can u survive w/o ur bf 4 2 yrs?
* Huh ? If you still don't know, getting enlisted into the NS does not mean that you'll be in Pulau Tekong for 2 years. You still get to book out once a week. So why would i run away with another guy when all along (even before my boyfriend enlisted) we've already been doing the meetup once a week thing.

MY: show me your shoulder stunt in school!! lol its amzing
* Lol. Sure sure ! When i see you in school on Wed or Fri okie (:

Winnie: no arh haha. i changed link oni =)
* Haha, i see.

marilyn: high cheekbones good lo ! i dun even have it :( lols!!! 'm one of those yunting mentioned. dyin to have it. lols.!
* But high cheekbones cannot wear sunnies and smile ! Also when normally i smile, got the two chunk pop out. Not that nice la. Haha.

you: basket. who used my nick? anws, fayne, i think you look really pretty with your high cheekbones, really. and i didnt expect you to really answer my question on where you got your clothes from. thanks :)
* But high cheekbones cannot wear sunnies and smile ! Anyway, you're welcome. I've always liked to share my buys :D

Winnie: nah, ur cheekbones are okay la! lol u tink too much =)
* Haha.

tianji: hey! dont hate your high cheek bones! it prevents your skin from sagging later on!
* But i can't wear sunnies and smile ): Haha.

yunting: high cheekbones are good what. ppl are dying for high cheekbones lo. i got too but not as high as urs. haha.
* Haha. Actually i like cheekbones, but no need so high. Haha. Cause i would love to wear sunnies properly.

you: are ugly
* Haha. Thank you.

youdonknowme: you don know me but i really like your complexion!
* Thank you. But i don't really like those horrible freckles.

passer-by: hey where is dat black n white checkar skirt from?
* It's from ASOS (:

girl: ur features r nice. i dun think u need any changes :)
* Haha thank you. But i would really love to wear sunnies so i'm stil a lil uncontented with my extremely high cheekbones (:

Do you believe me

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Today's studyskills test was manageable.


But but, B is only booking out in the evening this coming Saturday cause he's leaving for his SIT test on Thursday and will only be back on Saturday evening. *grumps*

Shopping spree. Anniversary.


I officially hates the arh-mee ):

Oh wells, i don't blame the boyfriend of course. I bet he doesn't want things to turn out that way either. I still love you ya Mister Boyfriend. I promise you, i WILL NOT run away with another guy ya. Haha !

Cottoncandy Candyfloss

Monday, November 17, 2008

So much to accomplish, yet so little time. How i wish there is 48 hours a day. Econs tutorial 7 and 8 submission tomorrow. Studyskills test 2 tomorrow. Accounting assignment submission on Thursday. And guess what ? I had not touched a single of them yet managed to attempt 8 transactions off my accounting assignment.

Oh wells, i admit i'm just lazy. Okay, very lazy in fact. Cause i managed to sneak out time to manage my MissFayne, play PetSociety, surf CozyCot, but no time to do homework/ assignments =.="


Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm in a total love/ hate relationship with my body. I love my body cause despite binge-ing like a pig for the past 2 weeks (especially during dinner today at my usual steamboat place) my weight is still falling. It's a good thing cause it is not like this in the past - i could only lose weight when i do not eat at all. I am currently 98lbs and i'm really contented but i seriously hate the fact that my thighs still look so thunderous, as though i am still 103lbs. Why oh why ??

Anyway, i'm currently looking for bow bands/ clips. Something similar to what Rihanna is wearing. It could even be somewhat like our o'skool hairband but there must be a bow. You guys know where to buy ? I would prefer to have them in pure black or navy blue. To those who have bow bands/ clips for sale, please email me at (:

Through the good and bad

Saturday, November 15, 2008

B was back from his fieldcamp on Thursday and i couldn't believe that he actually has the energy to come over and meet me for dinner immediately after he reached home. But i'm pretty sure it's not cause he missed his girlfriend (okay maybe he does miss a lil) but the sucky rations he had over the past 5 days cause he was craving for rojak, gongong, sugarcane, and the list goes on ...

Today saw me in campus, having Economics lecture early in the morning, followed by Hongkie stlye wanton/chickie for lunch with Mr Boyfriend. Oh yea, B actually came to pick me up from school today !

I srsly hate my high cheekbones.
Can i like chop them off or something ?

After lunch, it was back to his crib cause it's been 2 weeks since i last saw Shenil. We ransacked through his stash of Dvds and we settled for The Orphanage, which we regretted totally. I'll rate it 1 outta 5 popcorns, and the 1 is for cute Simon.

And before i leave, MissFayne is having it's clearance sales now ! Most items are left with the last piece, so do check it out ! Click here.


you: your shopping looks SO worth it:D i would buy those too if i had the means and knew WHERE to buy them.
* Haha ! I'm sure you do. They are not very expensive (: The blazer was from a HongKong spree and the skirts and sweater-dress are from ASOS and UrbanOutfitters (:

marilyn: where u brought the blazer? nice nice!
* From a HongKong spree (:

MY: i still cant believe that its your shoulder lol
* Lol, i also didn't know it looked like that when i pull it backwards.

passer by: oh i bought the black blazer too !
* How much did you pay for it ? Haha !

nicole: lol my mom got the classic black version. if im not wrong either the one on ur pic or a slightly bigger version.
* Haha ! I still like the beige more. But sure very easy dirty one ):

miemiemie: my arms aren't as skinny as they used to be..haha lucky you :) oh and that black blazer looks nice haha :)
* Haha nice right ? I've been contemplating over it since forever. Missed one spree, and luckily a friend of mine decided to open one. Haha.

manda: i like the sweater.. hmm i cant not eat cuz i love eating!! hahas i think i will die w/o food.. =X
* Nice right, the blazer. I've been contemplating over it since forever. I love eating too ! Especially fried food. But i'm watching my weight all the time.

(: he's going on holiday actually but with his family and it's so long ive never tried not seeing him for 15 days! thanks for your suggestion :)
* It's just 2 weeks actually. He can always call back (:

Advance 21st present please

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sucha lovely masterpiece ♥♥

Oh baby baby, please come to Mummy !

Advance 21st birthday present, any takers ? LOL !

Anyway, while B is away from me, rolling in the jungle, i hogged onto my ibank device/ card, and started depleting my account badly ): And here's what i've bought for the past 5 baby-is-not-around nights.


manda: oO hahas.. ic.. i oso want to lose a couple of kilos but somehow nth works so i am ignoring the weight -.-
* Nothing will work if you follow the healthy way. You will probably see only a teenyweeny effect after say, half a year ?

nadnut: happy belated birthday babe!
* Thanks Nadia ! Hope you'll like the dresses ! (:

caca: OMGG, huishan has scary arms, hahas xD
* Haha. Is flexible arms !

(: can you give me suggestions for what to do for my bf? he is going to be away for 2 weeks+ :(
* Is he going for army or ? If its not army, maybe you can try making him a scrapbook, with 1 entry to read daily while he's away. Like the one i made for my bf when he went China for 2 friggin' months for his FYP. And coincidentally, my bf wrote 2 months worth of notes and folded them into hearts too, haha. Otherwise, if he's going army, you can slot in a mini loveletter into his wallet or something. But be careful of how you hide it, cause my clumsy bf lost it even before he arrived Tekong. Anyway, you can find the photos of the scrapbook here.

miemiemie: omg! look at that picture,you are so thin!
* Oh no. Only my arms are skinny. Haha.

How bout one for you

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Haven't seen Baby for 10 days. And i will not be able to see him till 4 days later ): In fact, i haven't been on the phone with him for 4 days since he left for his field camp. I should be happy cause he'll be back from the jungle and will be booking out on Thursday, but guess what ? We'll only be meeting up on our usual Saturday basis cause he said he wanted to have ample rest after his field camp ):


:D: That picture looks like a mannequin from NUM. I almost thought it was yours!
* Lol. It IS mine. I was pulling my arm all the way to the back, with my arms perpendicular to my back, and parallel to the floor. And my Mom said the front view was kinda freaky so she snapped it. The amputated looking thing is actually the front view of my shoulder joint (:

?: wtf is that pic?is tt an armpit?
* Haha, it's not my armpit. Who in the right state of mind would show their armpit to others ? It's the front view of my shoulder joint when i pull my arms to the back, perpendicular to my back, and parallel to the floor.

yunting: stress is the easiest way to lose weight lar. haha.
* Exactly ! But i don't like the feeling of being stressed.

manda: hahas i know u wan to lose weight fast but that way of losing weight would also make u gain weight faster..
* I just need to lose enough weight for my birthday. After that, if i gain, then i'll lose it the healthy way. Haha.

timo: haha. must be girl den can be good frien meh? tot sister? haha
* Lol. You are in the 'rest of the clique' what.

marilyn: salute u man !!!! 5 days away from diet still can drop !!!!! ah !!!! i want these kind of life too !!!!!
* You won't want to have those 2 people in your group. Totally irresponsible.

my: what kind of team are you leading??
* For my Economics assignment (:

Rain rain go away

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Baby is off for fieldcamp ): I was away from diet for a mere 5 days and guess what ? My weight FELL from 47 to 44.5. That is like losing half a kilo a day !! Totally rocks socks huh ? BUT, i have been eating 3 full meals a day, with tonnes of junkfood and snacks. So why are the numbers still falling ?

I swear its the stress from my Economics assignment. I have totally zero leadership skills, yet i have to lead a team of 11 inclusive of myself. And it doesn't help at all, when i have 2 very very very very irritating members.

Stomach is growling like a mad bitch now. i want food !


KentXavier: Hey, still remember me? :D
* Eh, nope sorry.

caca: last time never put sun block right,. hahas, anyway my side, alot of pple do pigment laser but tskk, painful ><
* All along got put !

timo: y nv mention me? only jiamin and ade. =(
* You want to be girl meh. Haha.

fang: hey happy belated birthday to you! =)
* Thank you (:

JANICE: hey! when exactly is ur bday?? anway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YA!
* Haha, its on 3rd Nov. Anyway, thank you (:

miemiemie: happy birthday dear! wow zara giftcard,lucky lucky :) and yes! to hell with diets!
* Haha yea. Just in time for Christmas shopping. Anyway, thank you (:

you: oops, happy belated bday :)
* Thank you (:

Winnie[:: happy happy happy birthday ^0^
* Thank you (:

sufen: Happy Birthday!!!! Best Wishes =D
* Thank you (:

jiali: happy bday girl! to think that you are just turning 20 when im turning 21 soon. ahhhh! haha. may all your wishes come true! =)
* Thank you (:

chocolatelove: happy birthday girl!!
* Thank you (:

joy: happy birthday babe!!
* Thank you (:

girl: happy birthday :)
* Thank you (:

timo: lol. wad fei si ni. i helping u den u say me. wah piang. =)
* Haha (:

(: are you working at club21? is it hiring?
* I work at Kids21, which is under Club21. I only work during my holidays so i'm not very sure if they are hiring at the moment.

manda: heh?! must eat leh.. ur skin looks rather sullen and pale.. cannot starve urself leh or ur brain will be the first to go not ur fats!! must makan but in moderate if u wan2keep/lose ur weight..
* I just want to lose weight fast. I wouldn't care if its gonna kill my gastric or whatnots cause my body is already 'spoilt' Haha.

Late at night when all the world, is sleeping

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

i stayed up and think of youuuu.

I was doing my Economics assignment when it suddenly struck me hard in the head that i miss my boyfriend. I miss the times when he suddenly woke me up in the middle of the night, asking me to eat chocolate icecream with him.

He's heading for his fieldcamp this week, which means that he will not booking out this coming weekend. SO SAD ! For the past 7 weeks, eversince he stepped into Tekong, i've been trying so hard to keep myself busy. But apparently when the night falls, i'll struggle not to miss him.

I thank my parents for enduring my bitchfits. I thank school for the crazy timetable. I thank school for the test weeks. I thank school for the Saturday makeup lessons. I thank school for my friendly classmates. I thank school for the 2 special gossipgirls - Adeline and Jiamin. I thank school for the rest of the people in the clique. I thank Nageeb for the madness management assignment. I thank MarkHarris for assigning me to be the leader of the Game Theory competition. All of which, made me put B behind my mind, at least for awhile.

Last but not least, i thank God for brining B to me.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

model stands at 162cm and uk6

click HERE for measurements and prices.

I'm a new jersey success story

Monday, November 3, 2008

Many many thanks to those who sent me their wishes and greetings.

Had a mini pre-celebration with Baby on Saturday. And indeed, all the weight i've lost were gained back, haha. So to hell with diets yea ? Initial plan was to visit the Night Safari but there was this Halloween thingamajig going on and i was afraid, so we gave Night Safari a pass. You know me, i've got zero guts. B cooked me my usual birthday dish for lunch, and we headed Bugis for Seoul Garden for dinner.

from the people in school

Diet plan day 12

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Meeting the boyfriend in abit,
where all my previous diet plans will go down the drain.

model stands at 162cm and uk6

click HERE for measurements and prices.