Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm in a total love/ hate relationship with my body. I love my body cause despite binge-ing like a pig for the past 2 weeks (especially during dinner today at my usual steamboat place) my weight is still falling. It's a good thing cause it is not like this in the past - i could only lose weight when i do not eat at all. I am currently 98lbs and i'm really contented but i seriously hate the fact that my thighs still look so thunderous, as though i am still 103lbs. Why oh why ??

Anyway, i'm currently looking for bow bands/ clips. Something similar to what Rihanna is wearing. It could even be somewhat like our o'skool hairband but there must be a bow. You guys know where to buy ? I would prefer to have them in pure black or navy blue. To those who have bow bands/ clips for sale, please email me at (:

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