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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I think B and i are missing out too much on each other's life. Army, school, and my mom. Yea mom's getting a tad too cranky these days, i don't know why. The last time i saw B was on the 15th (yea, it's been so many days). We could have met on 22nd, which was our 19th monthsary but he booked out really really late due to his Sit-test. Just when we thought we could meet on Sunday, my mom got cranky and insisted that i accompany her out. Our only hope is this weekend but guess what ? B's getting confined cause there's scratches on him gun he damaged his weapon. There is even a chance of him getting charged, or SOL.

Anyway, i've finally gotten Haloscan up and going ! Cbox is getting way too hard for me to manage, especially when there are so many shops advertising at my Cbox. So from today onwards, click on the word kissed below every entry to comment yea ? And i'll reply to your comment via editing your comment (:

And and, don't forget to vote fot me at Belumni ya. In fact, you can vote for any of the other 3 girls too, it doesn't harm to vote 4 times right ? Haha (: Vote now, at Belumni ! I'll do those unreplied tags here, and the rest, do comment in my haloscan yea :D


miemiemie: i'll vote for you then if you win you should take me for the 50% off..hahaha just kidding :) i'll vote for you
* Haha, i would love to ! But how to when youre not even in Singapore !

Name: what happen to your hair? i thought u permed it?
* Haha yup i did perm it. And its still permed. Just that on days which i feel like having straight hair, i'll blow them straight :D

miemiemie: i love your new profile pic!! blue looks hot on you!
* I like that blue too :D

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