Advance 21st present please

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sucha lovely masterpiece ♥♥

Oh baby baby, please come to Mummy !

Advance 21st birthday present, any takers ? LOL !

Anyway, while B is away from me, rolling in the jungle, i hogged onto my ibank device/ card, and started depleting my account badly ): And here's what i've bought for the past 5 baby-is-not-around nights.


manda: oO hahas.. ic.. i oso want to lose a couple of kilos but somehow nth works so i am ignoring the weight -.-
* Nothing will work if you follow the healthy way. You will probably see only a teenyweeny effect after say, half a year ?

nadnut: happy belated birthday babe!
* Thanks Nadia ! Hope you'll like the dresses ! (:

caca: OMGG, huishan has scary arms, hahas xD
* Haha. Is flexible arms !

(: can you give me suggestions for what to do for my bf? he is going to be away for 2 weeks+ :(
* Is he going for army or ? If its not army, maybe you can try making him a scrapbook, with 1 entry to read daily while he's away. Like the one i made for my bf when he went China for 2 friggin' months for his FYP. And coincidentally, my bf wrote 2 months worth of notes and folded them into hearts too, haha. Otherwise, if he's going army, you can slot in a mini loveletter into his wallet or something. But be careful of how you hide it, cause my clumsy bf lost it even before he arrived Tekong. Anyway, you can find the photos of the scrapbook here.

miemiemie: omg! look at that picture,you are so thin!
* Oh no. Only my arms are skinny. Haha.

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