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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Baby is off for fieldcamp ): I was away from diet for a mere 5 days and guess what ? My weight FELL from 47 to 44.5. That is like losing half a kilo a day !! Totally rocks socks huh ? BUT, i have been eating 3 full meals a day, with tonnes of junkfood and snacks. So why are the numbers still falling ?

I swear its the stress from my Economics assignment. I have totally zero leadership skills, yet i have to lead a team of 11 inclusive of myself. And it doesn't help at all, when i have 2 very very very very irritating members.

Stomach is growling like a mad bitch now. i want food !


KentXavier: Hey, still remember me? :D
* Eh, nope sorry.

caca: last time never put sun block right,. hahas, anyway my side, alot of pple do pigment laser but tskk, painful ><
* All along got put !

timo: y nv mention me? only jiamin and ade. =(
* You want to be girl meh. Haha.

fang: hey happy belated birthday to you! =)
* Thank you (:

JANICE: hey! when exactly is ur bday?? anway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YA!
* Haha, its on 3rd Nov. Anyway, thank you (:

miemiemie: happy birthday dear! wow zara giftcard,lucky lucky :) and yes! to hell with diets!
* Haha yea. Just in time for Christmas shopping. Anyway, thank you (:

you: oops, happy belated bday :)
* Thank you (:

Winnie[:: happy happy happy birthday ^0^
* Thank you (:

sufen: Happy Birthday!!!! Best Wishes =D
* Thank you (:

jiali: happy bday girl! to think that you are just turning 20 when im turning 21 soon. ahhhh! haha. may all your wishes come true! =)
* Thank you (:

chocolatelove: happy birthday girl!!
* Thank you (:

joy: happy birthday babe!!
* Thank you (:

girl: happy birthday :)
* Thank you (:

timo: lol. wad fei si ni. i helping u den u say me. wah piang. =)
* Haha (:

(: are you working at club21? is it hiring?
* I work at Kids21, which is under Club21. I only work during my holidays so i'm not very sure if they are hiring at the moment.

manda: heh?! must eat leh.. ur skin looks rather sullen and pale.. cannot starve urself leh or ur brain will be the first to go not ur fats!! must makan but in moderate if u wan2keep/lose ur weight..
* I just want to lose weight fast. I wouldn't care if its gonna kill my gastric or whatnots cause my body is already 'spoilt' Haha.

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