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Saturday, November 15, 2008

B was back from his fieldcamp on Thursday and i couldn't believe that he actually has the energy to come over and meet me for dinner immediately after he reached home. But i'm pretty sure it's not cause he missed his girlfriend (okay maybe he does miss a lil) but the sucky rations he had over the past 5 days cause he was craving for rojak, gongong, sugarcane, and the list goes on ...

Today saw me in campus, having Economics lecture early in the morning, followed by Hongkie stlye wanton/chickie for lunch with Mr Boyfriend. Oh yea, B actually came to pick me up from school today !

I srsly hate my high cheekbones.
Can i like chop them off or something ?

After lunch, it was back to his crib cause it's been 2 weeks since i last saw Shenil. We ransacked through his stash of Dvds and we settled for The Orphanage, which we regretted totally. I'll rate it 1 outta 5 popcorns, and the 1 is for cute Simon.

And before i leave, MissFayne is having it's clearance sales now ! Most items are left with the last piece, so do check it out ! Click here.


you: your shopping looks SO worth it:D i would buy those too if i had the means and knew WHERE to buy them.
* Haha ! I'm sure you do. They are not very expensive (: The blazer was from a HongKong spree and the skirts and sweater-dress are from ASOS and UrbanOutfitters (:

marilyn: where u brought the blazer? nice nice!
* From a HongKong spree (:

MY: i still cant believe that its your shoulder lol
* Lol, i also didn't know it looked like that when i pull it backwards.

passer by: oh i bought the black blazer too !
* How much did you pay for it ? Haha !

nicole: lol my mom got the classic black version. if im not wrong either the one on ur pic or a slightly bigger version.
* Haha ! I still like the beige more. But sure very easy dirty one ):

miemiemie: my arms aren't as skinny as they used to be..haha lucky you :) oh and that black blazer looks nice haha :)
* Haha nice right ? I've been contemplating over it since forever. Missed one spree, and luckily a friend of mine decided to open one. Haha.

manda: i like the sweater.. hmm i cant not eat cuz i love eating!! hahas i think i will die w/o food.. =X
* Nice right, the blazer. I've been contemplating over it since forever. I love eating too ! Especially fried food. But i'm watching my weight all the time.

(: he's going on holiday actually but with his family and it's so long ive never tried not seeing him for 15 days! thanks for your suggestion :)
* It's just 2 weeks actually. He can always call back (:

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