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Sunday, November 23, 2008


Rowena: No problem hun Love your blog's layout though!
* I used an old skin and revamped it (:

Winnie: hello(: thks for ytd's 'talk', lol. (:
* Welcome. You're my cousin lae. I don't help you, who help you ?

anon: i wud die 2 haf ur figure gal.
* Haha thank you. But i think my thighs are horrendous.

marilyn: totally agree with manda and caca :) and apparently i think shann will survive thru ! :) cos sch has been a distraction for her to think of her bf! :) so that lesser all the emo thoughts :)
* Haha. I also no time to emo lo (:

manda: hahas i was referring to the other jacket.. =) i also dun understand why ppl think that once the guy is in NS the girls will run away.. i think ppl who think like tat hab no faith at all...
* Oh, it was from UO (: Haha i don't understand why they think that way too. Are we girls really that cheap in their eyes. Haha.

you: cool song yo
* Thank you. I like the song too :D

rebecca: hushannn !!!! wonder why pple will think we will run to other guys when our boys are in ns, hahas x) so effing hilarious lo, i bet its either they must have been made a cuckoo or they must have failed to control their miserable lonelinesss, thus they expect us to react like hw they do =/
* Haha ya la ! I bet that anon was cuckoo-ed.

marilyn: okies mah!!!! i think u look okies when u smile!
* Lol. But i don't quite like. Sometimes i like, sometimes i don't like. I'm always contradicting myself. Haha.

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