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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Haven't seen Baby for 10 days. And i will not be able to see him till 4 days later ): In fact, i haven't been on the phone with him for 4 days since he left for his field camp. I should be happy cause he'll be back from the jungle and will be booking out on Thursday, but guess what ? We'll only be meeting up on our usual Saturday basis cause he said he wanted to have ample rest after his field camp ):


:D: That picture looks like a mannequin from NUM. I almost thought it was yours!
* Lol. It IS mine. I was pulling my arm all the way to the back, with my arms perpendicular to my back, and parallel to the floor. And my Mom said the front view was kinda freaky so she snapped it. The amputated looking thing is actually the front view of my shoulder joint (:

?: wtf is that pic?is tt an armpit?
* Haha, it's not my armpit. Who in the right state of mind would show their armpit to others ? It's the front view of my shoulder joint when i pull my arms to the back, perpendicular to my back, and parallel to the floor.

yunting: stress is the easiest way to lose weight lar. haha.
* Exactly ! But i don't like the feeling of being stressed.

manda: hahas i know u wan to lose weight fast but that way of losing weight would also make u gain weight faster..
* I just need to lose enough weight for my birthday. After that, if i gain, then i'll lose it the healthy way. Haha.

timo: haha. must be girl den can be good frien meh? tot sister? haha
* Lol. You are in the 'rest of the clique' what.

marilyn: salute u man !!!! 5 days away from diet still can drop !!!!! ah !!!! i want these kind of life too !!!!!
* You won't want to have those 2 people in your group. Totally irresponsible.

my: what kind of team are you leading??
* For my Economics assignment (:

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