Fuck you. Fuck you very very much.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


you: OMG ANON? this is SO hilarious what is your problem HAHAHA. and "u know"? they say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. you must be those who cant see the beauty in anything,
* Anon and U Know are very hilarious indeed.

u know: it doesnt work dat way gal.u maybe thin but u need da looks,da style to look good.which u seriously lack of.
* Haha, i don't think i've ever mentioned that being skinny is equivilant to looking good. Furthermore, i didn't claim that i look good, did i ? Correct me if i'm wrong.

anon: we shall see if u rly wun run away wf other man. u r born a bitch. how can u survive w/o ur bf 4 2 yrs?
* Huh ? If you still don't know, getting enlisted into the NS does not mean that you'll be in Pulau Tekong for 2 years. You still get to book out once a week. So why would i run away with another guy when all along (even before my boyfriend enlisted) we've already been doing the meetup once a week thing.

MY: show me your shoulder stunt in school!! lol its amzing
* Lol. Sure sure ! When i see you in school on Wed or Fri okie (:

Winnie: no arh haha. i changed link oni =)
* Haha, i see.

marilyn: high cheekbones good lo ! i dun even have it :( lols!!! 'm one of those yunting mentioned. dyin to have it. lols.!
* But high cheekbones cannot wear sunnies and smile ! Also when normally i smile, got the two chunk pop out. Not that nice la. Haha.

you: basket. who used my nick? anws, fayne, i think you look really pretty with your high cheekbones, really. and i didnt expect you to really answer my question on where you got your clothes from. thanks :)
* But high cheekbones cannot wear sunnies and smile ! Anyway, you're welcome. I've always liked to share my buys :D

Winnie: nah, ur cheekbones are okay la! lol u tink too much =)
* Haha.

tianji: hey! dont hate your high cheek bones! it prevents your skin from sagging later on!
* But i can't wear sunnies and smile ): Haha.

yunting: high cheekbones are good what. ppl are dying for high cheekbones lo. i got too but not as high as urs. haha.
* Haha. Actually i like cheekbones, but no need so high. Haha. Cause i would love to wear sunnies properly.

you: are ugly
* Haha. Thank you.

youdonknowme: you don know me but i really like your complexion!
* Thank you. But i don't really like those horrible freckles.

passer-by: hey where is dat black n white checkar skirt from?
* It's from ASOS (:

girl: ur features r nice. i dun think u need any changes :)
* Haha thank you. But i would really love to wear sunnies so i'm stil a lil uncontented with my extremely high cheekbones (:

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