Sunday, November 9, 2014

|PUBLISHED 09 Nov 2014

The other day at Carnivore with my secret lover

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|PUBLISHED 09 Nov 2014

The BFF treated me to an awesome 3 hours art jamming session at Arteastiq yesterday. Frankly speaking, I really do enjoyed it. And this is coming from a Economics student who hasn't touched Art & Craft since 14 years old hah.

After 3 hours of struggling, we finally managed to complete our artwork.

Us, and our master pieces

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

|PUBLISHED 02 Nov 2014

I am sure most of us girls have concerns with our skin, be it acne, dry skin, oily skin pigmentations etc.. And we all know how precious our face and complexion can be. With problematic skin, not only does it look unsightly but it hurts us mentally and emotionally, not to mention it affects our level of confidence as well. With the pre-wed shoot drawing near, in order not to let anything bad happen to my face, I try to maintain it with regular masking and eating healthy. Also, monthly facials play an important role with helping my skin and today I will be sharing with you all my first visit to ClearSK Medi-Aesthetics back in August.

ClearSK is an aesthetic centre that provides a wide range of services ranging from head to toe, aiming to improve your image and beautify yourself. And at the same time, with the latest technology, provides you with painless and non-surgical treatments to rectify the problems some of us might have.

The moment I stepped into the clinic, I was greeted by their friendly receptionist who served JS and I extremely fragrant tea and hot towel. The clinic was pretty cold so I could really do with that hot towel.

Although everyone of us knows what problems our skin are facing and want to correct, we still will need a more in-depth examination by the doctors and here at ClearSK, they make sure you feel assured and safe before going for any of the treatments. Here's me filling up some personal information regarding allergy etc etc before my consultation and treatment.

And my treatment starts..

The treatment I did was Aqua Renew Whiten Treatment. It is somewhat like a microdermabrasion, where a machine was used to remove the dead skin on my face. Revealing the inner baby smooth skin, hence the term RENEW.

Every treatment starts with double cleansing, whether or not you have any makeup on. Cleansing deeply helps with softening sebum and impurities. Dead cells are also dislodged for easy exfoliation.

My therapist then started with the microdermabrasion, sucking away all the dirt and gunk in my badly clogged pores.

Step three will be this Miracle White Exfoliator, which helps to exfoliate and breakdown stubborn melanin of the skin.

And then my favourite part of every treatment, hydrating FACIAL !!

There, my bare face with zero make, NOTHING. 

Thank you ClearSK <3 <3

Till then, xoxo