Not in the best of mood

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Red patches kept surfacing on my face (to be exact the left side of my face left cheek, right cheek and forehead) recently. The photo above doesn't quite show the redness and seriousness and but in reality, it's really red and puffy and huge ! They itch, they flake, and they are extremely dry and wrinkly looking. I'm crossing my fingers that it's not Eczema cause i already had an awful time fixing my previous first ever acne outbreak and now that it's finally cleared and the scarrings are almost gone, i get such red puffy patches on the cheecks and forehead.


I've finally consulted a Dermatologist and i was said to have Photosensitivity. Initially i thought it was being sensitive to photos which didn't make much sense, and upon clarification, i burst into mad laughters.

pho⋅to⋅sen⋅si⋅tiv⋅i⋅ty  /ˌfoʊtəˌsɛnsɪˈtɪvɪti/ [foh-tuh-sen-si-tiv-i-tee]
1. the quality of being photosensitive.
2. abnormal sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet light, usually following exposure to certain oral or topical drugs or to other sensitizing chemicals and resulting in accelerated burning and blistering of the skin.

I can't believe that yours truly, a swimmer (back then), is now allergic to sunlight.


  1. so that's why you weren't updating anymore! haha

    did you get your face checked already? i suggest that you do before your rashes get worse..

  2. hey Jaime :D haha yea i went to a Derma and i was said to have photosensitivity aka sunlight allergy. i don't know if i should cry or laugh but i sorta burst into laughters when he told me what photosensitivity meant allergy to sunlight.

  3. Hello! Remember me? :) Btw which Dermatologist you went to? I need to consult one too. :(