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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haven't been blogging much of late. Had an absolutely awesome time slacking since i had my wisdom tooth surgery. Teevee-ing, prawning, missfayne-ing, cougar town-ing, the vampire diaries-ing, sleeping (inserts an extremely guilt-face) Seriously, i so need to adjust myself back to school mood. Alrights, here's some proper updates, in no specific order.
1) I gave my mane a brand new makeover

Did my hair at Ikon last Saturday. Spent half the day at the salon for a new cut, a new colour, and a relishing hair treatment. Pampered much, no ? And oh, did i mention that i totally dig the chicken-salmon teppanyaki lunchbox that the-special-boy bought for me ? Switched my side-swept fringe for good ol' bangs (to match the cheongsam, haha bullshit i know) and bronzed up my hair. Totally dig my new hair but i'm starting to miss the old length though. No after-photos After-photos can be seen at my shop (:
2) MissFayne has updated (:

cny part 2: click here to view the full collection !

3) Partnership issues/ Delay in shipment

Had some issues with the progress of the stocks and shipment. Promises made are not kept to, leaving with me "a whole lot of backside to clean". But anyway, there's some slight progress and hope that the shipment will still arrive on time as scheduled and promised.

4) Test shoot for Ikon

Okay, enough for today. Will blog soon again (:


  1. Babe.. ur hair grow very fast lo! N been quite some time since I last saw u!!

  2. adeline ! ya, so looong since we met ! I miss the good ol' days man !! oh btw, what happened to our nye dinner + fireworks + countdown sesh ? and my hair where got grow fast ? took me long enough to get to boob level. now I wonder how "long" it will be during CNY. btw, did you like chopped your locks to mega ear length ? it's extremely short but it looks awesome on you (: