Chao recruit is back !

Sunday, September 28, 2008


angelawu: shan wed meet ups bahz... after work meet you...but i think arouund 8 where?
* I thursday got class from 830am to 6pm. So i don't think my brain can tahan if we meet after 8. LOL.

yunting: i think she's still quite pretty too in her before pics, only 12 yrs old for goodness sake! and i think she only went for the lips and the rest are just make up. and i want higher and sharper nose... my nose is damn flat lar.
* Ya i think her eyes are naturally very beautiful. Only the lips. Haha. Some claimed she had braces thus the swollen lips. But that time when i put braces also never swell until so jialat lae. Haha. I want higher and shaper nose too ! Haha.

you: OMG YOU'VE ACROSSED ANGELA'S BLOG TOO! i think shes soo pretty pls, i think you are so super pretty to really i swear. ur nose is close to comparison to mine which is like the size of an ant eater.
* Yea she's awesomely gorgeous. And i don't think i am super pretty ? And lol to ant-eater !

miemiemie: WTF! she had surgery!? all this time, i've been thinking that she had this very natural innocent looking.haha she had a fat face before? her lips looked nasty and fat? and her nose? whaaaat the hell! i never imagined!
* Me too ! I thought everything bout her is real ! I think the nose and face looks alright. Its the lips ! Haha.

lalala: I think your lips is way nicer than the before ps angelababy haha. Her lips really disgusted me
* Haha thankyou. But i really love her post-surgical lips. And her nose (be it pre or post surgical, still very nice!)

anon: angelawu i noticed tat everytime u tag u tag nonsense rubbish & poor english. pls improve ur english la
* =.="

angelawu: erm plasticsurgery??? haha.... i think scrub???
* What scrub ??

The wonders of plastic surgery.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Submitted my IBM assignment today (like finally) but, this particular assignment is now lying on my study table again cause its not good enough. Better spend tomorrow doing it before B books out on Sunday evening. Yes, BABY IS BOOKING OUT IN 2 DAYS TIME !

Was bloghopping and i found out that gorgeous AngelaBaby i've been oogling at all the while actually is plastic ! AngelaBaby's got that look which i secretly wished for. I even told myself that should 1 day i'll have this chance to change my face, i would love to have her nose and lips !

This is angelababy now.

So fucking pretty right ?

(photos from, her blog)

Are you ready for the pre-surgical photos ?



























(photos from, xxx forum)

Still pretty imo, not to forget the tinge of cuteness (:

But whatever it is, AngelaBaby is still my SEXY GODDESS!


So how ? Any kind souls want to sponsor me for thinner lips and higher and smaller nose ?


marilyn: wah! so fast 1 yr plus alr! :) and the two of u still as sweet ! :)
* Haha ya lo.

DeliciousCupcakes: hi babe. min number to order for the cupcakes is 9 pcs. for 4 pcs set, u have to order a min of 5 boxes. =)
* Oh, then it's okay then (:

miemiemie: omg,lots of pics! i laughed when i saw the pic of the teeth extraction, haha i had to undergo that too :D
* Ya. That's ALOT of pics.

JANICE: hey hii! :D hahaha.
* Hi hi.

popeye: sigh so sweet (: haiya, dnt worry, he'll be back soon.. haiya! emo song! makes me so sad too! XD
* Haha, i'm not worried actually >.<

chin: shan, any clubbing clothes for sale? need it urgently
* Nope eh.

alyssia: ger 2 weeks will past fast :)
* Haha. But the thing in, he's going in for another 2 extra days !

isha: wow you finally did,im glad you love it too :) hehe its kind of hard at first but you'll get used to it :)
* Love it like totally. And it's so much easier to apply conpared to the other eyeliners i used to have !

marilyn: so qiao ! anw, no worries! just that be prepared of all ur sat and sun will be busy !
* Haha yep yep.

reader: hi...i think u will love this.
* Hi. I do not rent bags :D

Jasmine: haha! It's so weird to see jisheng without botak. Coz he's hair's like never short before!
* Without botak ? Without hair you mean ? Haha, luckily he still looks like him when he's botak.

jo: so old alr still fight! so u'r currently studying n not workin animore rite?
* Ya lo. Especially the crocodile, also 32 years old liao. Ya studying and not working. Holidays then i go back :D

isha: woooooah..he had his head shaved! omg..don't worry dear,he'll make it through.he has to be a man! :) hehe i can understand thay ur just worried,if i were you too i'd be that way
* Haha, yea. All boys have to go through that.

Anyway, i'm off for yoga classes ! (:


Thursday, September 25, 2008

School is crazy.

i hate school.
i hate assignments.
i hate business management.

The greatest gift from heaven

Sunday, September 21, 2008

B's into his 2nd week of confinement and cause i really really missed him, i started browsing through our old photos. I realised that though B and i had only been together for 16 months (it'll be our 17th monthsary tomorrow), we had gone though way much more than anyone else could ever imagine.

It all started with the ManUtd vs Roma match back in 2007 yada yada. And till today, i still laugh at the thought of the scene where B popped the question.

PS/ this is a major peekture post ♥


2 weeks after we got together, it was his 18th birthday.

only then i got to know of his stinky gaming antics.

Not long after, he flew to China for TWO friggin' months.

And we skype-ed almost every night while he was there.

Finally back to home sweet home !

Airflown, and hand carried, all the way from Cheena.

Then he got his braces on.

We had our first Singapore Fireworks Festival together.

During my FYP times. I was sooo skeeennee then ):

he extracted his wisdom teeth, and more teeth for his braces.

pecks to ease his pain (ooh, check out my pretty highlights!)

Focus: my very skinny arms

I know you're getting bored, but there's actually many more !

Exactly a year ago, september 2007.

The first Tiramisu i've ever made.

fierce leh ~


cheena pok gong kia !

on our 1st year anniversary

i cooked monkey-patty and octopus-sausages

while he cooked my favourite whiteshells ♥

B's 19th birthday.

B's graduation.

My graduation.

- the end -

Just look at how much B and i had grown ! I went from fat to skinny, fat to skinny and back to fat again. Haha. On a lighter note, B will be booking out in EXACTLY A WEEK'S TIME - 28th AUG. It just sucks so bad cause instead of having a 14 days confinement, B's staying in Tekong for 16 days instead !!

Alrights, i'm off to do my Economics ): Tags reply in the next entry !