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Friday, September 12, 2008

Baby's off to Tekong this morning. And no i didn't send him off. cause i've got classes ALL THE WAY from 830am to 3pm. And whats worst, i'm having Nageb's lesson ):


jo: lol yeah yeah! i witness it be4! when mis wanna say sry whn crocodile's realy angry, me n anth parttimer was singing, 'it's tooo late to aplogize' HAHA
* Haha. I also see them bicker until i stunned lo.

terence: haha. the 1962 hairstyle looks trendier :D have a nice nice day yah! :)
* Haha.

isha: bf's gonna be gone for 2 weeks? that's okay..i've been separated from my bf for almost 6months now :(
* But he's gonna go through tedious trainings ):

p-by: u look like u lost weigh
* Haha no i didn't.

isha: omg,1960! hahahha cool
* It's fun. You should try too (:

jonathan: thats very cool! how did you do those pics?
* It's from yearbookyourself.com (:

anon: e 1964 n 1966. look likes some actress manz!
* Actress ? Haha i can't seem to figure out who.

WINNIE: haha your photo(s) so cute! (:
* Lol. Cute right, you can try also ! From yearbookyourself.com (:

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