Arhhmee Dazeee

Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's day 3 into Army Daze and things are still pretty manageable. Everything is fine in the morning where i'm fully occupied with activities, classes yada yada. But once i'm home alone *BAM* reality whacked me in the face.

B called and we had a quick chat before the lights are out and gosh I CRIED. I know this sounds ridiculously stupid. But i seriously don’t know why i cried ! I swear i'm not that sad but i really miss him so so so so much and hearing his voice made me trigger happy.

I'm happy that everything is going well for B. He seems to have quite a few friends in his company as well - XingXian (his clique since primary school), Willie (our primary schoolmate, and my sec school classmate as well), Yf (Xing's boyfriend), and Shaoyuan (his poly coursemate).

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