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Friday, September 5, 2008

just something to crack you up

I'll be right back :D


chris: o! you changed song! you know marie digby that Say It Again? damn nice too.
* Haha yea. Oh i don't know who is that ! Haha ! Will go check it out :D

jonathan: the berba one was anticipated. the robinho one was totally shocking!
* Lol. This is mytaintedworld. Not soccernet ! Haha (:

Js: so true kel, so true. =p Berbatov signs for man utd and Robinho signs for man city!!
* Lol. This is mytaintedworld. Not soccernet ! Haha (:

KelZ: cause you're!!!!wuahaha....jia you lah...i don wan hear the quit school thingy again hor
* ): But really study until very very very kang kor lae.

popeye: hey cmon, dont give up!!! we all need to feel stupid before we understand.. well, thats for me. XD i feel stupid all the time HAHA. all the best! :)
* Thanks (: But there's this particular subject that is waaaayyyy too much for me to handle.

chris: yo! nice song you have. ballad rocks haha. love song is also very nice. teehee! omg my exams /:
* Yea yea :D Do study hard eh.

jo: hahaas~ anw workin ther u wuld hear lots of jokes n stories! tat mis ah is always crocodile's opposition! lol
* Ya lo ya lo ! They 2 always fight fight fight de. Haha.

yunting: original price shld be 29.90, i bought it on sale at ard 19bucks
* Thank you ! I'll go check it out :D

caca: sure sure :D looking forward to it :D
* (:

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