The greatest gift from heaven

Sunday, September 21, 2008

B's into his 2nd week of confinement and cause i really really missed him, i started browsing through our old photos. I realised that though B and i had only been together for 16 months (it'll be our 17th monthsary tomorrow), we had gone though way much more than anyone else could ever imagine.

It all started with the ManUtd vs Roma match back in 2007 yada yada. And till today, i still laugh at the thought of the scene where B popped the question.

PS/ this is a major peekture post ♥


2 weeks after we got together, it was his 18th birthday.

only then i got to know of his stinky gaming antics.

Not long after, he flew to China for TWO friggin' months.

And we skype-ed almost every night while he was there.

Finally back to home sweet home !

Airflown, and hand carried, all the way from Cheena.

Then he got his braces on.

We had our first Singapore Fireworks Festival together.

During my FYP times. I was sooo skeeennee then ):

he extracted his wisdom teeth, and more teeth for his braces.

pecks to ease his pain (ooh, check out my pretty highlights!)

Focus: my very skinny arms

I know you're getting bored, but there's actually many more !

Exactly a year ago, september 2007.

The first Tiramisu i've ever made.

fierce leh ~


cheena pok gong kia !

on our 1st year anniversary

i cooked monkey-patty and octopus-sausages

while he cooked my favourite whiteshells ♥

B's 19th birthday.

B's graduation.

My graduation.

- the end -

Just look at how much B and i had grown ! I went from fat to skinny, fat to skinny and back to fat again. Haha. On a lighter note, B will be booking out in EXACTLY A WEEK'S TIME - 28th AUG. It just sucks so bad cause instead of having a 14 days confinement, B's staying in Tekong for 16 days instead !!

Alrights, i'm off to do my Economics ): Tags reply in the next entry !

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