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Monday, September 8, 2008

I know i havent been blogging alot ): Apologies to all who came back all the time, yet to see the same old entry on the top of this site.

School's been really tiring. Monday and Tuesday is really slack though (: Monday, 0830-1100. Tuesday, 1330-1500. Wednesday, 0830-1100, 1600-1700. Thursday, 0830-1100, 1700-1800. Friday, 0830-1100, 1200-1400, 1400-1500.

But but, my crazy IBM lecturer decided to personally extend another 30mins for my IBM lecture, leaving me only 1130-1200 for lunch on Friday. And what's worst is, this particular lecturer refuses to give us any short coffee breaks during the lecture !

Anyway, yesterday was spent with B, at his cousin's wedding. Okay, i need to hit my Econs tutorial sheets again. Be back soon okay ??

Baby's going to be heading off to serve the nation in exactly 4 days time ! I don't know how my 2 weeks would be without B, but at least i tried to keep myself occupied by signing up for yoga courses k ! (:

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