Love, Pump It

Sunday, March 30, 2008


winnie: gdgd. ahah. btw, mus press advert then got $$ one arhh? ._.
* That i'm not very sure. But it's always better when there's hits on your advert, no ?

steph8706: taggie... i wan prata too...
* Haha, let's meetup for prata once i've got the time aye ?

yingz: hey babe u had yr hair done at mission? hee..
* Yup yup. Been dragging for waaayy too long. haha ! We can go cut together in future (:

hi: joanna frn sunglasses de ah?
* Urm she's joanne, not joanna. Anyway, what sunglasses ? She's at Kids21 with me. But she worked at Club21's Marina Rinaldi before though.

Cartoon network

Friday, March 28, 2008

In appreciation of all the cartoons and drawings that my favourite workmate Joanne surprised me with, i decided to draw her a lil something on Wed, my last day at Isetan.

It wasn't as cute and pretty as the ones she had drawn for me though, but it's the thought that counts la ! Heh. Anyway, Aldis, along with some of his friends had received their acceptance letter from NUS. And since my letterbox's been pretty empty, there's high chance that i am one of the many many rejects. Haha ! But hello, NUS LAE, you think i'm prodigy or what ? Haha (:

Love movements

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Crazy date with the boyfriend today !!

graphic myspace at

We sang K from 2pm to 6pm. And believe it or not, we're into our eleventh month and today's the first time we sang together. Sang at TopOne, which was located at where Icon used to be. It seems like the whole building belongs to the KTV.

But anyway, for only $16 per pax, we'll get to enjoy free flow of drinks (big glasses of them) and members get to have a bowl of snacks in addition. BUT, it seems like they don't have the latestlatest songs available, like yang cong >:(

Then we had braised beef feast at LaiLai Family Restaurant at Liang Seah. And seriously, i'm totally addicted to bubbleteas. Been drinking at least a cup a day since i started working at Isetan Scotts. So much so that the lady recognizes me and i don't even have to queue all the time, haha ! Mango greentea ftw yo !!

After dinner, we decided to catch Shutter. Remember the Shutter featuring Ananda Everingham waaayy back in 2004 ? Yea, it's a remake of the 2004 film so it's EXACTLY the same except that it's featuring western casts this time round. Was being a major spoiler by whispering what's gonna happen next to the boyfriend throughout the whole 90mins. And i swear that Baby would punch me in the face if not for i'm his precious girlfriend (:

Last but not least, do me a tiny favour by checking out the two adverts on yea ? One is bout Youth Aids and the other is bout Mount Power .


Wednesday, March 26, 2008



I don't know if it's us (Joanne and myself) who are being too sensitive, or is it that the ladies at RxxxxLxxxxx are really being a total bitch. Seriously, wtf is wrong with them and those stares/ glares/ sniggers ?! And when we moved further into our counter or hid behind the shelvings and pillars, keeping ourselves way outta your sight, you peek your bigfat face outta our counter to hunt for us, just to paste your awfully structured birdie-eyes on us.

And what's worst is that you bitches actually complains to the supervisors and managers bout us, when you bitches aren't any better.

And when i got home, my boyfriend had to be sucha bitch.



Timecheck, 1239am. I'm meeting ZiYun at 1230am for prata and teh-peng and i'm still here blogging. Running really late. Till then !

My heart goes loco

Sunday, March 23, 2008

This has got to be the most hilarious comment i've ever seen in my life. Yea it isn't Ebay. Anyone with eyes, and a quarter of brain would be able to understand that this is SGSALE for goodness sake !! If i personally were to find something shitty, i would not have entered the site/post itself, let alone commenting on it using anonymous. And i thank you for your heartfelt feedbacks but my shits are selling pretty fast and well (:

Lastly, if you think that using the F-word is ohsocool, then it's high time you grow up child. Comment with your true identity if you've got the guts. Like where the hell did you hide your nuts man !!


Anyways, the fashion show was a blast. Tiring and stressful, but its always fun to hang around with the kiddos (:

Cutesy #1 - Gabriel-chan (Japan mix i-don't-know-what)

There's many much more photos taken. But it seems like Chloe's cam had eaten them all up. Shall upload more she's able to get them restored (:

thank you for your support

model stands at 162cm and uk6

click HERE for measurements and prices.

I love my new bangs (:

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Initial plan was to have a cook-in lunch session but we both woke up pretty late and felt that the market would not have much ingredients for us to buy. So we ended up sleeping in till 4ish before waking up to watch Meet The Spartans. Oh well, nothing beats cuddling with the loved ones on a rainy saturday afternoon.

If you've noticed, my bangs ain't very bangish already. That's the consequences of being a major lazybum and not blowing my bangs. Anyway, Kids21 fashion show in bout 10 hours time, and i'm still wide awake, playing Wahjong on Viwawa. I wonder how am i gonna survive tomorrow's show. Somebody, shoot me in the head please.

Hey kiddo yo!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Hair makeover at Mission today.


Side swept fringe with messy curly V-back in browns and blonds.

After two and a half hours of meddling,

樱桃小丸子 lookin' with straight cut back in blacks and dark browns .

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

model stands at 162cm and uk6

*slightly sheer*






all prices are non-inclusive of postage, unless otherwise stated.

Normal postage: SGD1.50
Reg postage: SGD1.50 + SGD2.24

All images are copyright of MissFayne
Copyright © 2007-2008

Farewell Temasek Polytechnic

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Anyways people, please do me a little favour by heading down to and click on the banner advert to check out what's going on at orchard Cineleisure next week. Many loves !

Barbie is a slut

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Brown curls or black straight hair
help help help !!

It's been exactly a week since i last started work. And with the major binge-on i've been having for the past week, i've gained an outstanding amount of THREE KILOGRAMS !! Yes, i'm officially a 103lbs now. Those who've been reading my blog for a long time would know what i'm gonna say next aye ?

Anyhows, risking to be skinned alive by B and his sis, i've decided to post a photo of them. This is how ALIKE b and his sister is,

Your love kept me warm

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Isetan private sales today. And i only bagged home 4 pathetic items ): Long sleeve tee for Dad, a shoulder tote for Mumsie, and a polo and tee for myself. Total damage to the bank : SGD262.32.

Then twas meeting up with Baby at Dhoby Ghaut, where we caught Step Up 2. Not really what i've been expecting cause the story was kinda draggy during the first half of the movie. But anyways, ★★★☆☆ popcorns for Step Up 2 !

Good morning world !

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I hate working afternoon shifts cause i'll always end up eating alot more than my poor tiny tummy can accept. Twas fried rice with deep fried codfish and seaweed chicken for breakfast (RICE FOR BREAKFAST!), LongJohn's fish wrap, clam chowder and chocolate orea ice blend for lunch, and sourcream & onion Pringles in jumbo size for dinner. How to lose weight you tell me !! And i'm working 3 days of afternoon shifts consectively. Sheesh.

Was packing my Jay's huge tin box when i found these !! Contemplating if i should use these hp straps. I'm afraid that i might end up scrapping the prints off it. Maybe i should just keep it for collection like what i always do. For those who are getting rid of their Jay's merchandises (especially the KungFu Dunk series) do let me know yea ? Cause i've missed a few issues of his magazine covers, would be great if you could email me with some snapshots of that covers itself. Will come up with a list of exactly which items i've missed for easier viewing of you guys. But mag cover wise, just keep the shots coming in :D

Ohoh, i almost forgot - To the anonymous who left at my doorstep Jay's calender and some overseas mag covers, major thanks yea. But maybe you could at least let me know who you are ? Cause it's pretty scary to have someone whom i do not know to know of where i reside >.<

Hokays, i'll be meeting my outlet supervisor for the first time tomorrow. So for those who wish to visit me at work, please DO NOT come tomorrow yeah ? Shall do a lil observation first cause i heard she's pretty stern. Alrights, i'm logging off Blogger for a round of Wahjong and then catch 女人我最大 on the cable. Goodbye world :D

Step Up 2 is the sex yo !

Monday, March 10, 2008

Work's been pretty good. Back to partnering with good ol' Celine. Siti had quit and Veron's stationing at Forum. Had 2 days of morning shifts and i'll be doing afternoon for the rest of this week. And i had off on Isetan's Private Sales !! Which means, more shopping for yours truly (: Too bad Baby can't wake up that early in the morning. Anyways, i'm loving my new working partner Joanne (part timer). Never fails to entertain me during work :DD

Was really tired last night that i slept at 10pm, and woke up only after 12 hours of beauty sleep ! Haha yea i woke up at 10am today. But i'm nothing compared to the boyfriend who could sleep into the evening.

Step Up 2 soon, any takers ?

Ok, i'm running late. Till then !

I came from the land down under

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Was at the IT Show with Babylove and friends earlier (: Wanted to catch Cordelia at Sony but i was a major blind bat without my specs and could not spot her anywhere.

And and, Esther (my Club21 manager) just called, telling me that i can start working on 8th March !! Yipee yay yay :DD But there flies my SIA interview. Can only go after (1) confirming that no unis wants me (2) i quit club21. Haha so people, i'll be working at again at good ol' Club21. Isetan Scotts, level4, Kids21. Spot me there !!

Nevertheless, should you darlings still have any roadshows and need people, do still contact me kays ?

EDIT 11:22PM

Baby told me he's gonna take a short nap at 9ish and asked me wake him up at 10ish. And cause i was wayyyy too engrossed in Wahjong, i was shocked to see the time when i closed Viwawa. The time reads: 10:59PM. And thinking that Baby's got soccer matches to catch or Dota games waiting, i panicked and call him on his mobile and he came online promptly.

- # FAYNE fashion is cleavage, style is collarbones [ @ j'aime mon bébé °] says:
wht time's the match

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR says:
no soccer tonight

- # FAYNE fashion is cleavage, style is collarbones [ @ j'aime mon bébé °] says:
then dota?

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR says:
i wake up coz i haven chat with u

On a side note, B4L-Tees are having their 1st sales ever !! With immediate effect till 14th March 2008, everything from Collection 1 is on sale !! And baby says they will be giving additional discounts for all MyTaintedWorld's readers !!

Original price for each tee is $19.90. And after discount, every tee is going at $17. But readers please take note, you guys will be bagging them home at a even more discounted price !! Just state MyTaintedWorld: B4l Tees Order as the subject and you'll get to bring these tees home at only $16 each !! Dope tees going at only $16 each !! Where to find you tell me !! So what are you waiting for ? Send your mails to now !!

Remember to state that you're my reader in order to be eligible for the extra discount. And for those who have not seen the designs before, Anyway, the guy in the site, is NOT my boyfriend ya. Heh (:

And upon completion of this advertorial (twas less than 20mins since he woke up)

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR says:
eh bi i got dota gameeee
HAHAHA. Bi ah bi. Sheesh.

Happy 20th Yunting !

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I still remember how bad your 18th birthday was screwed (by me) and how awfully sour things turned out to be for the 2 of us. But i'm so glad that we had cleared things out, buried the hatchet almost immediately, and is no longer being bothered by that childish-ness that once came upon me.

once my lesbo, always my lesbo <3
i still lub you dipdip kays !! HAHA !!

Toyko pixelade parade

Monday, March 3, 2008

Today's 3rd March, and in 2 more days i'll be jobless for a whole freaking month !! How depressing is that !! Anyone with job lobangs, please pm me on msn or mail me at !!