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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Was at the IT Show with Babylove and friends earlier (: Wanted to catch Cordelia at Sony but i was a major blind bat without my specs and could not spot her anywhere.

And and, Esther (my Club21 manager) just called, telling me that i can start working on 8th March !! Yipee yay yay :DD But there flies my SIA interview. Can only go after (1) confirming that no unis wants me (2) i quit club21. Haha so people, i'll be working at again at good ol' Club21. Isetan Scotts, level4, Kids21. Spot me there !!

Nevertheless, should you darlings still have any roadshows and need people, do still contact me kays ?

EDIT 11:22PM

Baby told me he's gonna take a short nap at 9ish and asked me wake him up at 10ish. And cause i was wayyyy too engrossed in Wahjong, i was shocked to see the time when i closed Viwawa. The time reads: 10:59PM. And thinking that Baby's got soccer matches to catch or Dota games waiting, i panicked and call him on his mobile and he came online promptly.

- # FAYNE fashion is cleavage, style is collarbones [ @ j'aime mon bébé °] says:
wht time's the match

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR says:
no soccer tonight

- # FAYNE fashion is cleavage, style is collarbones [ @ j'aime mon bébé °] says:
then dota?

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR says:
i wake up coz i haven chat with u

On a side note, B4L-Tees are having their 1st sales ever !! With immediate effect till 14th March 2008, everything from Collection 1 is on sale !! And baby says they will be giving additional discounts for all MyTaintedWorld's readers !!

Original price for each tee is $19.90. And after discount, every tee is going at $17. But readers please take note, you guys will be bagging them home at a even more discounted price !! Just state MyTaintedWorld: B4l Tees Order as the subject and you'll get to bring these tees home at only $16 each !! Dope tees going at only $16 each !! Where to find you tell me !! So what are you waiting for ? Send your mails to b4Lsales@gmail.com now !!

Remember to state that you're my reader in order to be eligible for the extra discount. And for those who have not seen the designs before, http://b4l-t.blogspot.com. Anyway, the guy in the site, is NOT my boyfriend ya. Heh (:

And upon completion of this advertorial (twas less than 20mins since he woke up)

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR says:
eh bi i got dota gameeee
HAHAHA. Bi ah bi. Sheesh.

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