Good morning world !

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I hate working afternoon shifts cause i'll always end up eating alot more than my poor tiny tummy can accept. Twas fried rice with deep fried codfish and seaweed chicken for breakfast (RICE FOR BREAKFAST!), LongJohn's fish wrap, clam chowder and chocolate orea ice blend for lunch, and sourcream & onion Pringles in jumbo size for dinner. How to lose weight you tell me !! And i'm working 3 days of afternoon shifts consectively. Sheesh.

Was packing my Jay's huge tin box when i found these !! Contemplating if i should use these hp straps. I'm afraid that i might end up scrapping the prints off it. Maybe i should just keep it for collection like what i always do. For those who are getting rid of their Jay's merchandises (especially the KungFu Dunk series) do let me know yea ? Cause i've missed a few issues of his magazine covers, would be great if you could email me with some snapshots of that covers itself. Will come up with a list of exactly which items i've missed for easier viewing of you guys. But mag cover wise, just keep the shots coming in :D

Ohoh, i almost forgot - To the anonymous who left at my doorstep Jay's calender and some overseas mag covers, major thanks yea. But maybe you could at least let me know who you are ? Cause it's pretty scary to have someone whom i do not know to know of where i reside >.<

Hokays, i'll be meeting my outlet supervisor for the first time tomorrow. So for those who wish to visit me at work, please DO NOT come tomorrow yeah ? Shall do a lil observation first cause i heard she's pretty stern. Alrights, i'm logging off Blogger for a round of Wahjong and then catch 女人我最大 on the cable. Goodbye world :D

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