Love, Pump It

Sunday, March 30, 2008


winnie: gdgd. ahah. btw, mus press advert then got $$ one arhh? ._.
* That i'm not very sure. But it's always better when there's hits on your advert, no ?

steph8706: taggie... i wan prata too...
* Haha, let's meetup for prata once i've got the time aye ?

yingz: hey babe u had yr hair done at mission? hee..
* Yup yup. Been dragging for waaayy too long. haha ! We can go cut together in future (:

hi: joanna frn sunglasses de ah?
* Urm she's joanne, not joanna. Anyway, what sunglasses ? She's at Kids21 with me. But she worked at Club21's Marina Rinaldi before though.

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