My heart goes loco

Sunday, March 23, 2008

This has got to be the most hilarious comment i've ever seen in my life. Yea it isn't Ebay. Anyone with eyes, and a quarter of brain would be able to understand that this is SGSALE for goodness sake !! If i personally were to find something shitty, i would not have entered the site/post itself, let alone commenting on it using anonymous. And i thank you for your heartfelt feedbacks but my shits are selling pretty fast and well (:

Lastly, if you think that using the F-word is ohsocool, then it's high time you grow up child. Comment with your true identity if you've got the guts. Like where the hell did you hide your nuts man !!


Anyways, the fashion show was a blast. Tiring and stressful, but its always fun to hang around with the kiddos (:

Cutesy #1 - Gabriel-chan (Japan mix i-don't-know-what)

There's many much more photos taken. But it seems like Chloe's cam had eaten them all up. Shall upload more she's able to get them restored (:

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