Step Up 2 is the sex yo !

Monday, March 10, 2008

Work's been pretty good. Back to partnering with good ol' Celine. Siti had quit and Veron's stationing at Forum. Had 2 days of morning shifts and i'll be doing afternoon for the rest of this week. And i had off on Isetan's Private Sales !! Which means, more shopping for yours truly (: Too bad Baby can't wake up that early in the morning. Anyways, i'm loving my new working partner Joanne (part timer). Never fails to entertain me during work :DD

Was really tired last night that i slept at 10pm, and woke up only after 12 hours of beauty sleep ! Haha yea i woke up at 10am today. But i'm nothing compared to the boyfriend who could sleep into the evening.

Step Up 2 soon, any takers ?

Ok, i'm running late. Till then !

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