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Wednesday, March 26, 2008



I don't know if it's us (Joanne and myself) who are being too sensitive, or is it that the ladies at RxxxxLxxxxx are really being a total bitch. Seriously, wtf is wrong with them and those stares/ glares/ sniggers ?! And when we moved further into our counter or hid behind the shelvings and pillars, keeping ourselves way outta your sight, you peek your bigfat face outta our counter to hunt for us, just to paste your awfully structured birdie-eyes on us.

And what's worst is that you bitches actually complains to the supervisors and managers bout us, when you bitches aren't any better.

And when i got home, my boyfriend had to be sucha bitch.



Timecheck, 1239am. I'm meeting ZiYun at 1230am for prata and teh-peng and i'm still here blogging. Running really late. Till then !

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