Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Thank you the Universe for your unbounded blessings, numerous opportunities and limitless possibilities. We are truly blessed and we wanted to share, inspire and bless others too. We are now going directly to our goals and we will do it with a higher purpose !

TAIWAN FEB'15 : 十份放天灯, 九份老街

Saturday, March 21, 2015

I am aiming to clear my Taiwan trip entries by this week. So do stay tuned as I will be probably be posting more than one entry a day (: Day four of Taiwan was photoshoot day and it will be in a separate individual post. Do check out the hashtags #JSxHSwedding for posts strictly related to my entire wedding process. I have actually talked abit about my wedding shoot (HERE) so I may not be doing another post on it. I will see how things goes (:

On the day after our wedding shoot, we visited Shi Fen 十份 and Jiu Fen 九份. Don't be deceived by the name as the difference is only one 份 but the distance between the two of them is faaaaaarrrrrrr. It is at least three mountains away. Shi Fen is one of the more touristy places where you should go to if you are visiting Taiwan. But do take note you cannot get to these two places via the MRT. You gotta take the train and I personally feel that it is a wee bit time consuming as the journey in between stations is really long so do dedicate more travelling time if you are heading there. Anyways, Shi Fen Old Street 十分老街 is a place where you can release colourful paper sky lantern, on which you write your wishes on and then send it off into the skies for good luck.

This part of the country is pretty different from the urban Taipei main city. Shi Fen is quite a bit of distance away from Taipei main city, it took us approximately 2 hours to travel to Shi Fen from our hotel in Shuang Lian.

TAIWAN FEB'15 : 西门町, 五分埔, 饒河夜市

Sunday, March 15, 2015

When one is in Taiwan, you must never miss their night markets. Taiwanese never fails with their food. Or maybe I am one of the lucky ones who never encountered bad food in Taiwan before. Anyways, today I will documenting mainly on 西门町, 五分埔 and 饒河夜市. When we travel in the past, we tend to wake up early in the morning so we could fully utilise the entire day but this time round, as we were really burnt from work prior to the trip, we only wake up for breakfast and then goes back to our room and sleep in till the afternoon before heading out. Shops in Taiwan do not open so earlier either so there isn't much time wastage hah.

TAIWAN FEB'15 : 台灣我來了

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hello everybody ! I am finally over and done (okay maybe not) hyping over my wedding photos so I will be blogging about my Taiwan trip actual. I will not be blogging it on a what-we-did-the-entire-day basis, but rather like daily/trip highlights. Cause this time round, we did not plan any itinerary prior to the trip. We just decided to play by the weather and ear since we have been there before and covered most of the tourist attractions back then.

Our flight was scheduled at 00:55hrs on the third day of CNY and the day of departure was quite a rush for me. I had CNY visiting and dinner all the way till 10pm and JS came to fetch me from AMK back home for a short shower and we headed for the airport thereafter.


Saturday, March 7, 2015

I want to blog as frequently as possible but with a full-time eight to five and the upcoming wedding, there isn't seem to have enough time for me to blog anymore ! Like there is a whole bunch of stuffs I wanted to do / visit this week so I could blog about them but I didn't even do them and the week is like gone already.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I just got back to Singapore from my pre-wedding trip and I thought why not do a sneak peek for all of you out there ? I am sure you guys have seen some of my photos on my Instagram. It was definitely a tiring, but fun process doing stupid poses and glaming up. I guess that is what wedding shoots are all about. I swear I have never looked so neat before and I felt like I am a fallen angel or what not. If only I can look like that every other day.