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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Haven't blogged proper for the longest of time !! Sorry for the lack of updates peepo. Been kinda busy with Kids21. And seriously, my feet are giving way like totalleh. With the awful pain at the heel of my feet, that sends shivers and pierces up my spine, and then all the way to the tip of my head. I've gotten all sorts of foot paddings - the sponge type, the gel type, EVERYTHING ! And none seems to work. I still feel the hard cold floor and the pain still persists. But thankfully, Momsie found a way to reduce the pain daily. And amazingly enough, the pain only started at 4ish when i'm bout to knock off from work.



hi: ok.. mayb i the wrong person. i mean jonna frm isetan scotts selling branded sunglasses level 1.
* So its Joanna or Jonna ? Haha but anyway, it's okay. I don't think i know the person you're talking about. I'm stationed at level4 (:

marilyn: omg. i din know u were crazy over man u too !
* Haha. I'm more of a C.R fangirl like what my boyfriend said. But not anymore cause of his sex scandal.

Js: shes only crazy over man u because of C.Ronaldo lols.
* Oh wells >.<

Jy: hey. can i know you went the LaiLai Family Restaurant at Liang Seah, where is it located exactly? around bugis area?
* Hello Jy. Yup it's at Bugis. You know where Parco's Swensens and Mos Burger is located ? It's directly opposite. You'll first see a coffee shop that sells duck rice, then you walk further down and you'll reach LaiLai (:

xiaoxue: hey there,popping by! have a nice day..
* Hello there (: How did you come across my blog ?

angelawu: when are u free!! in advance booking!!! LoL!!! eh!!! i got job le wahaha!!! my dream job working at childcare!!!! a teacher!! wahaha!!!! happy pig =)
* Let's meetup this Sunday after i end work yea ? Shop closes at 6pm. Let's go makan sing song play mahjong :D Anyways, grats on getting the job ! I was a childcare teacher at the Child care center opposite my block for a few days. It was super fun, hope you enjoyed your job !!

steph8706: haha.. okie okie... one day muz meet up ^^
* Yup yup. All the best when school starts for you yeah !

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