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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Met up with the girlfriends after work today. And they were so so late, heh. Fish&Co for dinner. And i ought to be dieting but ohwells i filled myself to the brim again. Will start the diet plan tomorrow, haha. Cause, what's a girl nights out without good food and major girlytalks and gossips ? To think some random people still says i do not believe in enjoying my food. Yours truly DO enjoy whatever's on my dining table kays. And and, Waileng treated us yummilicious ice cream after dinner (:

Had a great great night with my two girlies. And i just realised that Waileng do look like the Carol in 一房半厅一水缸. But B begs to differ though. Anyways, this is out to Waileng and Liling. Promise me there's more meet ups to come hokay ? I'm hitting the sack in abit. So pictures time !

& last but not least,




Eileen: did i see my fav "chang fen" *slurps*
* Haha yes. I love changfen with fillings as well. Especially prawns and charsiew. Although i'm allergic to prawns.

N: i think ure being silly to starve yrself. there isnt any point. do u not believe in enjoying your food? whats the big deal about being skinny and missing out.
* Wells, i've never said that i do not believe in enjoying food. All i ever wanted is to shed off those kilos i've gained and then everything's back to normal. It's not like i'm starving forever anyway. It's just the irritating side of me that's obsessed with my weight. I can't stand the sight of me being above 45kilos, that's it. Neither am i having aneroxia or bullimia cause i still do eat normally and i do not force vomit after every meal.

steph8706: aiyo... not vintage enuff ma... tat's y lo... feel so happy today.. juz applied my fancl white essence... lol... feel so heavily lo... weee... too pamper
* Vintage is still in the trend ? Haha i didn't know. Jialat sia, for someone who is doing online apparel business, i'm not catching up with the trend !!

Jasmine: I think I'd saw you on a Saturday. I was with some friends waiting for some other ppl.
* Hmm, i'm not too sure if that's me. But the next time you see me, do come up and say hi or something ! Cause i don't know how you look like.

zel: bangkok?? can.. bt this year i m saving up for HK or europe.. hopefully europe.. wootz~
* Yup yup. I want to go Hongkii too !!

hater: u ought 2 stop spendin ur parents $$ they r really poor thing 2 haf u as their child.
* LOL. Since when did i spend my parent's money ? Get your facts right man ! I haven't been taking any pocket money from them ever since i turned 18, which means for the past 2 years, i've been living on my own, except that i do still have my meals at home sometimes.

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