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Saturday, April 5, 2008

and it's high time i starve myself again (:

Over at the Baby's now. Today's my off and i've been here since last night. Claimed 2 hours from work yesterday. Headed down to SMU to submit my supporting documents, as well as application fees. And the following, was what i had for breakfast yesterday. Yes, ME alone.

Ohoh, did i mention that i'm back to Kids21 at Forum already ? And Eddie from Visuals came down to Kids the other day and he did a major revamp to the shop ! He reused some props from the fashion show few weeks back and now the shop looks so much cuter ! (:

Over here at Vilbrequin, is where i'm stationed most of the time.

Way way way overpriced, for a pair of SWIM SHORTS.

And guess what ? My dear loverboy was dota-ing throughout the whole night (since 11pm till morning) while i was snoring my ass away. And when i woke up at 7ish asking why aren't he sleeping yet, he said Oh, i was waiting for you to wake up and go have breakfast first ma.

So we had our breakfast at the hawker downstairs and we went back to sleep. Haha yes i went to sleep as well. Baby's saying that we're so much like the living parasite (寄身虫) couple featured in 一房半厅一水缸. And speaking of 寄身虫 (pronounced as ji shen chong), don't you guys feel that it sounds a wee bit like Jisheng Zhong ??

And, i'm now happily blogging while B's soundly asleep beside me. But i'm awfully hungry and needs lunch now, should i wake the poor boy up and devour the salt baked chickie that his mom bought for us ?

Anyhow, yours truly's planning to get a DS Lite. Something for me to keep my concentration on when B's getting busy, or out with his B4L. And this blingbling DS which our very own homebitch Paris Hilton designed is making me drool major seriously.

Else, i'll be equally contented with a Pikachu DS (LOL!)

Ok i was just joking. At most, i'll ask for the Skyblue one.


HELPING A FRIEND TO SELL !! All mails and enquires, please direct to and look for Marilyn :D I'll be helping Mar sell 3 of her items, 2 brand new and 1 worn. If you guys missed bringing Einny from Missfayne home the other time, do not miss this last chance as the TajMahal top is kinda similar to the Einny i was selling !! Are you girlies excited ?? So here it goes...

SGD22 with meetup
Brand New

SGD30 with meetup
Brand New

SGD20 with meetup
Available in black only.



Jasmine: Hihi. Do you go to Novena? Coz I think I saw a girl that looked kinda like you at novena mrt station about 2 weeks ago =x
* Yup i do head to Novena pretty often cause i stay around there. Haha. Was it a sunday when you saw me at Novena ? I was there to meet my parents for dinner after my Kids21 fashion show :D

marilyn: LOLS ! i still think beckham is hotter ! :X too bad he is no longer in man u
* Haha yep. I used to like Becks alot. But it seems like i don't really like him THAT much anymore.

steph8706: hahas.... thx thx =) weee... today bought vintage top =)
* Welcome welcome. Iyoh, why never buy from myMissFayne ? Haha.

zel: haha.. i like sexy french soccer players like thierry henry.. hohoho... beckham's a fag.. opps
* Nevertheless, i'm still the ManUtd fangirl. Haha.

angelawu: i think i every sunday got work 10.30 - 4.30... LoL can meet u after that eh KTV arhz!!! next tim bahz now no voice been sick for a long long long time!!! but see doc le!!!
* Haha nevermind, i end at 6pm every Sunday. So you gotta wait for me still. If the next day i got off then we can go sing. You crazy girl with wonderful voice, i don't dare to sing with you lae. Aku very noob at singing one. Haha.

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