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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Can don't like that tempt me not ! Haha. I thought after i gave the March one a miss, the next walk-in interview won't been anytime soon till May or June. But it seems like they have an interview once every month ? LOL. The next interview is 27 April 08. And sad to say, i've got work from 11am-6pm on that day !!

Grr, looks like i can only go for the interviews after i'm done with Kids21 which is end of June. And and, where oh where are my confirmation letters from the uni(s) ?? This is so demoralizing. Sheesh.


angelawu: i also wan to go for waxing are u interested
* Waxing wise i wax till sian liao. I'm more interested in whitening. But $700 for 10 sessions, i broke liao k !!

Eileen: the monkey meat looks real cute1 anyway dont lose ur vibe to bllog. i always look forward to reading ur blog.
* Haha. Cute hor ? I also think so. It's really easy to make though. Just use normal Kraft cheese to cut, and paste on the meat while it's still hot so it can 'stick' on the meat. Also don't know what to blog already. Haha. Anyway, i'm so excited bout our meetup with Wenzi !!

random passer: e meal u made is so cute! monkey face-ed meat :)
* Haha thank you.

alyssia: dun stress ok :).. yeah gt replies from the uni already...wad abt u?...tc..aniwae happy anni to u and ur darling :)
* I still don't have any news !! Haha. Now waiting for rejection letter. Haha. Which school and which course you got into ??

isha: happy 1st anniversary to both you and ur bf! :D the gifts are cute and creative dear. anyway, i still envy you dear since you don't have ur braces..hahaha
* Haha thank you ! There's no need to envy. You'll be removing soon i believe. All my friends are removing 1plus years after they got their braces. I'm like the longest among all. Haha.

angelawu: and one more thing i decided to go for body whitening during may!!! haha!!! i wanna be fair!!!! LoL....
* KNS ! Go for whitening at my most broke period. Sponsor me lae. Haha.

angelawu: glad to see u back in shape!!! feel happy or both of u jia you!! may god bless both of you willl be everlasting...=)))))* Thank you !!

marilyn: erm dun stress dun stress. if carn get into nus or ntu, try those oversea degree ? and congrats ! 1 yrs passed so fast :D
* I don't dare to go overseas alone, and SIM/ UniSim is expensive. Haha.

Js: Wa i where got take her for granted... Dont anyhow say leh lol.. Just too tired and she massaged me then fell asleep lol..
* But 4 hours also cannot wake you up, it's quite saddening you know ! Had to quietly sneak out, with Shenil in my arms so that she won't anyhow bark. Heh.

anon: doesen ur bf feel sorrie or bad one? totally takin u for granted!
* He does feel sorry.

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