Tuesday, July 31, 2007

To start off our project rushing night, is an encouraging note from Randy. Yes, the Mdeas supervisor whom i've mentioned being afraid of receiving emails from. As long when Imanage is not invovled, Randy is considered a nice guy.

Phoebe's turning 19 on the 31st, yet we had to make her stay over in school with us on the 30th. So we (Adel, Yours truly, ZhiXian, Alvin, Elson, Liyao) decided to throw a surprise "party" for her at Mdeas.


Phoebe's chocolately cake ! Sinful.

Snacks from States. Thanks Luppy !!

Twas several minutes to midnight when Adel and i took Phoebe to the toilet. Main intention was to buy some time while the guys prepare the cake. But it ended up that AngAhLian found out what we're up to, and there goes the surprise.

AND !! (toilet == camwhoring time) !! When the night was still young - see how energetic we were.

The stupid things we do

Songs to to perk ourselves up

And 6am spells ko,

Then twas heading down for DSCN at 12pm without completing our JMS application. No matter how we run our client application, the stupid UI just wouldn't appear. And we got back our Package1's result, D+.It's the first time i got a fucking D in my 3 years of poly life. Screw problem based learning. Yea, screw you.

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