Who says relax ??

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Joy's latest blog entry had just reminded me of how much work TP is piling on me. My eyebags/ darkrings are sucha nuisance. They just cant seem to go away. And my sleep debt is, GRRR. Final year just spells crap. Oh wells.

This Week
Wed - Selling & Sales Presentation
Fri - MP Evaluation 1

Next Week
Mon - CMSK Oral Presentation
Tue - DSCN Problem Package 2 (Codes/Report)

The Week After Next
Mon - CMSK Brochure Consultation
Mon - Sales Exam Paper
Thu - ENAD Problem Package 2 & RBL
Fri - IManage Official Launch

Last Week Of The Sem
Mon - CMSK Brochure Submission
Tue - DSCN Lab Test

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