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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hey everyone ! Logging into Wordpress for a wee bit while waiting for my touch to get fully-charged before i offiicially hit the sack. Yes yes i'm blogging because i got bored while waiting and i'm really really sorry for the lack of updates but i've really got nothing new going on recently other than lectures, mug, tests, lectures, mug, tests, and the cycle goes on and on. Oh, i met up with my FYP mates last Saturday over dinner at Simpang Bedok after my Christmas shopping though.

And surprisingly this week has got something new and i can forsee a mad busy me. I've got :

(1) more mugging and catching up of lectures to do (yes, books again)

(2) getting MissFayne's designs finalised (hopefully)

(3) butter on Friday night (tbc)

(4) a Sunday 830AM MSM lecture (which i'm intending to skip anyway)

(5) test shoot for Icon's upcoming service
(6) meetup with club21 colleagues to pass them the items they got from me.
(7) run with the Baby (he said i'm getting to fleshy)

Time check. It's officially Wednesday now. Midweek already, and i'm nowhere near to getting the above mentioned accomplished. And to add on to my misery, everything's scheduled for the weekend ! So many things to do, in merely 48 hours. Well dona la Huishan !!

Oh by the way, my clip-ons had arrived and i'm lovin them much. It totally gave me the volume (ok, maybe i don't need the volume) and length that i needed. The only downside is that the clip-ons are really long and my natural hair is too thick. So if you squint close enough, there's actually a mini bump at where my real hair ends.

Okie dokes, the touch is charged. Now it's my turn to go get charged ! :D

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