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Sunday, November 28, 2010

I seriously think i've been eating so much that i've sorta lost the motivation to curb those hunger pangs and stick to my planned diet. Let's just take yesterday for instance - i was supposed to do a full milk diet, ie. milk for breakfast, milk for lunch, milk for noon snack (if any), milk for dinner, milk for supper (if any) BUT i dropped the idea after having 1 cup of milk for breakfast. And my lame excuse ? I feel the need to chew on something. Thank God i woke up feeling really full and guilty from the dinner the night before and decided to go for a run before i consume anything for the day.

And so, i did a 6.01km run in about 37:09, which is approximately 6'10"/km. And according to my Nike+ GPS app, the run had burnt 304kcal ! Oh and prior to my run, i dug out my old and almost expiring (haha!) Bio-Essence Inch Loss Body Cream and slapped a thick layer on my bulging tummy.

I also personally felt that to produce better results, the heat has to be retained "within" so i wrapped my tummy up with kitchen plastic wrap and ran with the cream and wrap. Just some sidenotes - as you run, you tend to perspire and the burning sensation that the cream initates when be enhanced when your sweat gets into contact with the cream so don't apply too much else you would prolly feel that your body is on fire. And also, remove any naval piercing for easy wrapping (cause my stud kept tearing the wrap) and, the kitchen wrap will tend to slip up/down wards once you perspire so it's good to find something to secure it. I used my regular headband as a waistband, like below haha !

And now it's time for Meals For The Day

Friday (breakfast, 97kcal) 1 cup Master Pura Slim milk (lunch 125kcal) 1 cup Marigold non fat strawberry yoghurt (dinner 311kcal) 1/2 cup Ayam Brand tuna chunks in water, 1 tbspn Fairprice mayo lite, 1 tbspn water-boiled frozen peas, 50g Maicar spaghetti (cardio -304kcal) 6.01km in 37:09.

Total calories intake for the day : 533 - 304 = 229kcal ♥ This has got to be the lowest i ever had "eaten" in a day (apart from those days when i would just starve myself and not eat for the whole day) Even my tuna diet has more calories that this luh.

Saturday (breakfast, 97kcal) 350ml Master Pura Slim milk (lunch 0kcal) skipped (dinner 788kcal) 1 plate Ikea roasted peppercorn salmon in gravlaxsas sauce with potatoes and longbeans, 7 balls Ikea meatballs, 1 Ikea fried chicken wing (cardio -356kcal) 7.05km in 37:15.

Total calories intake for the day : 921 - 356 = 565kcal ♥

Timecheck, it's 15 past 1am now and i've been typing for the past 1 hour haha. Shall go slap on a mask and have some sleep cause i read somewhere that having 7 hours of sleep everyday actually help to lose those extra calories ! So i'll see you guy again at 9ish10 tomorrow ! (:

xoxo, your weight-loss psychotic

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