Mad aching calves

Monday, November 29, 2010

As the title says, my calves ache so much that i had difficulty climbing the school's overhead bridge this morning ! LOL. Today is by far the worst day i ever had while dieting. Hunger pangs, giddy spells, jelly legs, you name it, i had it. I even blew up at my friends *slaps self* But i'm pretty sure it's not cause i under-consume or over-exercised cause (1) i didn't do any running today (2) 682kcal is more than any other days' intake.

So final verdict ? I have a new found nemesis - otia aka Organisation Theory : an Interdisciplinary Approach, lol. Spent my usual 3hrs of the morning in school, followed by a long 7 hrs in my room, trying to work on my otia essay. And it sucks cause i couldn't get a line out at all till like 7ish and i'm "done" when i still have 1.5pages more to go.

Anyway here's the long awaited Meal For The Day

Monday (breakfast, 239kcal) 1 cup Master Pura Slim milk, 1 cup SIM level 4 pushcart macaroni and cheese with 1/4 egg white and 1/2 crabstick (lunch 125kcal) 1 cup Marigold non-fat strawberry yoghurt (noon snack 100kcal) 1/2 Subway Turkey Breast salad with honey mustard and pepper (dinner 100kcal) remaining 1/2 Subway Turkey Breast salad with honey mustard and pepper (supper 118kcal) 1 cup Master Pura Hi-Lo milk

Total calories intake for the day : 682kcal ♥

xoxo, your weight-loss psychotic

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