Saturday is B day !

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Because i found Astons near B's place, we decided to head down instead of our usual Cathay. We're thrilled to see no queue and many empty seats. We thought its prolly cause its still new and therefore not much crowd but we were soooooo wrong.

First, they didn't have any chicken left for the day at FOUR THIRTY IN THE AFTERNOON but since we were not a big fan of chicken, we went ahead with our orders. I initially wanted Grilled fish with herbs with baked potato and pasta salad but the waitress told me they ran out of pasta salad (and potato salad as well) so i ordered Grilled Fish with herbs with baked potato and fries and guess what arrived in my plate ? Grilled fish, fries and corn ! Not only did they messed up my order, they messed up B's NewYork strip and next table's drinks too ! The uncle ordered 7-up and they served Tonic ! Oh, and not to mention the extremely long wait for our food. My final verdict ?

3/5 fries

Saturday (breakfast, 249kcal) 1/2 cup Master Pura HiLo milk, 1 pack Nature Valley granola bar in oats & honey flavour (lunch, 83kcal) soy bean milk without syrup (dinner approximately 615kcal) Astons' grilled fish with herb with baked potato and fries (afternoon snack 72kcal) 1/2 Apricot & honey energy bar (cardio -218kcal) 4.88km in 46:13, slow much ?

Total calories intake for the day : 1019 - 218 = 801kcal ♥

Morning : 49KG // Night: 48.5KG

And for those who are interested, the approximate calorie intake breakdown for Astons should be as follow; just a rouge gauge so don't scream at me if it's wrong okay - 100g grilled dory 120kcal, baked potato with margarine 280kcal, fries 285kcal. Oh, i didn't finish the baked potato so i logged 3/4 a baked potato (210kcal) and taking McDee's fries as a gauge, logged 3/4 a medium McDee's fries (285kcal) lol.

To the girl who asked why did i stop posting my weight on my formspring : I accidentally deleted your question together with my answer >.< Anyway, i stopped posting my weight cause it has been hoveirng 48.5 - 49.5 despite keeping my daily calorie intake below 800kcal on most days. And oh it was 52 on Thursday night and 48 on Friday morning though. So maybe its not very good idea to follow my plan LOL.

Anyway, it's been some time since i last posted some thinspiration photos, so here's some !! SFW !

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