Pre-Christmas Eve

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wednesday (breakfast, 139kcal) 100g Nestle yogurt, 2 tbspn Alive Light & Tasty wholegrain cereals, 1/2 bar Nature Valley granola bar in oats & honey flavour (lunch, 190kcal) 1/2 pack McDonalds medium fries (afternoon snack, 223kcal) 1 1/2 bar Nature Valley granola bar in oats & honey flavour, 10 mini tang yuans (dinner, 507kcal) 1/2 bowl steamed rice, 3 tbspn watercress soup, 2 pieces roasted pork, 1/4 fried pomfret, 1 roasted duck thigh, 1 piece fried tofu, 1 cup boiled broccoli

Total calories intake for the day : 1059kcal ♥

Thursday was the eve of Christmas eve and yours truly, being a true blue last minute person, did my cupcake-baking only today. And so, my thursday was spent at Eileen's doing rainbow & oreo cupcakes which turned out really really awesome !

need i say more ? mad awesome right ? got the urge to bake again
cause it turned out so fluffy and delicious !

and oh, i totally forgot to take photos of our completed oreo cupcakes
but its exactly the same as the one above except that there's no frosting

Thursday (breakfast, 0kcal) skipped (lunch, 497kcal) 1 regular Soupspoon tokyo chicken stew with 1 multigrain bun, 1 Provence brazilian cheese bun (afternoon snack, 563kcal) 1 oreo cupcake, 3/4 rainbow cupcake, 1 bowl potato carrot soup (dinner, 503kcal) 1 bowl steamed rice, 1 portion stir fry vege, 1 garlic prawn, 2 bbq crab claws

Total calories intake for the day : 1563kcal ♥

xoxo, your weight-loss psychotic

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