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Sunday, December 26, 2010

And so, 24th is Christmas eve and Xingxian's birthday and since it's a tradition for all of us to have dinner at Xingxian's place on the eve of Christmas, i'll just let the photos do the talking yep ?

Christmas and Christmas eve's calorie intake was ambiguous so i won't be doing the usual calorie listing. I would probably wanna kill myself if i were to recall how much i ate. In fact, i already wanna kill myself when i see those hotdogs in the above collage haha.

Oh anyway, it's been some time since i took my weight and yes, the past 12 days of "proper eating" got me to my new high of 116.6lbs. All those pounds i've painstakingly shook off in the past 70 days got back and i'm even heavier than before. But i'm not that depressed (i'll tell you why late) and i really wonder - for the past 10 days, i ate the amount of calories that would allow me to maintain my "then" weight, so why did i gain that much weight anyway ? I've got people telling me its probably cause i calculated the calorie intake with a weight that is higher than i actually am, well i don't know.

The reason why i'm not THAT sad bout gaining those extra pounds is because my 26 days late period is finally here. I read somewhere before that extreme diets could actually affect our menstrual cycle, causing delays in periods. So since the blood's flowing, means my body is pretty healthy now aye ?

Sunday (breakfast, 369kcal) CHINATOWN DIMSUM !! 1 piece fried banana prawn beehoon fritter, 1 piece har gao, 1 piece scallop seaweed siew mai, 1 cup pu'er tea (lunch, 41kcal) 1/2 Fayne's cabbage-chicken roll (afternoon snack, 57kcal) 100g Natural yogurt (dinner,165kcal) 2 Fayne's cabbage-chicken rolls (evening snack, 136kcal) 1 pack Meiji plain crackers, 1/4 cup Skimmed milk

Total calories intake for the day : 768kcal ♥

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