Kueh diet ? Lol !

Monday, December 13, 2010

Today is like a kueh day for me. Oh anyway, the title of this post is bullshit okay, there's no such thing called the Kueh Diet or whatnots. But come to think of it, kueh quite healthy one hor ? Despite the free servings of flour, but at least its steamed and not fried right ? HAHA !

And before i go on, I've got a confession to make - i induced my first after-binge purge ever and no i'm not blogging bout it cause i'm proud of it but i really wanna tell all of you out there who ever thought of doing so DON'T fucking do/ try it cause the after-feeling is mad awful. I may have felt better psychologically that all the crackers are out but psychically its too awful for me to handle. I couldn't understand how some girls could ever do it again and again but i would never advice or encourage anyone to do it. Trust me on this. So today's total calories intake may not be as "accurate" cause i read somewhere just now that purging does not totally remove what you ate so yep. I'll just pretend i never had eaten those crackers in my MFTD yep.

Monday (breakfast, 174kcal) 80z freshly squeezed tomato orange juice, 1 piece soon kueh (lunch, 349kcal) 1 bowl Fayne's cabbage soup, 1 green bean ang ku kueh, 1/2 perng kueh (dinner, 303kcal) 1 bowl Fayne's cabbage soup with Koka instant purple wheat noodles (evening snack, 190kcal) 1 pack Nature Valley granola bar oats & honey flavour (cardio -118kcal) 2.43km in 16:49

Total calories intake for the day : 1016 – 118 = 898kcal ♥
Morning : 49.0KG // Night: 49.5KG

4 more thinspiration tips today ♥

#9 Eat in front of the mirror If you can, have your meals in front of the mirror - naked. You'll see how much you need to eat then.

#10 Make a meal plan/ Keep a food diary List the calories you’ll allow yourself to and after you eat write down what you ate. If you're using apple products, download these 2 apps called MyFitnessPal and HPB Diet Tracker. MFP is good for keeping track of your daily calories intake and calories burnt but it lacks of some local food in their database so you could use HPB to search for the local foods that could not be found in MFP.

#11 Sleep early Lack of sleep stimulates your appetite. The more you sleep, the less you'll feel hungry cause you're totally asleep ! It is proven that most people who sleep at least 6 hours a day lose more weight and are less hungry.

#12 Spit it ! If you really really have the urge to taste something, you could chew it but do not swallow, spit it out ! Warning, this is an extremely bad habit though.

xoxo, your weight-loss psychotic

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