Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011 !!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Time check : 2352. It's like 2011 in less than 10 minutes and for the past 30 minutes or so i had been looking through my blog, thinking bout everything that happened in 2010 and also the various failed-to-accomplish resolutions that i made in the previous year.

2010 had been a pretty bad year - academic wise, social wise, and even health wise failed me. I put on a horrendous amount of weight and ever since, my body's absorption rate went haywire (Think : Gaining 5kgs from 1 simple meal)

Putting negative thoughts aside (1) i made a very awesome friends - my phuture crew lol (2) i grew to like Sociology abit more than last year (3) i learnt how to be healthier and eat healthily (4) i lost apprx 6-8 kgs of unwanted pounds (5) business at MissFayne picked up somehow

I don't think i'll be listing much new year resolutions cause i hardly stick to them so i'll just let nature takes its course and pick things up as time goes ? Oh, but of course 2 die-hard resolutions will be to lose abit more weight and maintain it, not letting my appetite and weight go out of control ever again and to be a better person and maintain a good relationship with my loved ones so i won't lose any more friends in the years to come.

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