Eat & play like nobody's business

Monday, December 20, 2010

Seriously, the past 2 days had been nothing but food. In fact, i had been eating alot since the Sakae on Thursday haha.

Saturday (breakfast, 276kcal) Bak Chang (lunch, 184kcal) 1 bowl Fayne’s cabbage soup which i added alot more ingredients this time round, 1 tbspn Chicken rice only (afternoon snack 190kcal) 1 pack Nature Valley granola bar in oats & honey flavour (dinner, XXXkcal) 1 Fried fish fillet bun, 3 peanut butter cream buns (cardio -444kcal) 8.49km in 37:23 (midnight, XXXkcal) 1 slice of Benson's birthday cake, lotsa liquor and sodas WAHAHA !

Total calories intake for the day : Ambiguous ♥

It was a crazy night at Phuture on Sat. The crowd was horrendous (due to the 987 event at Velvet i think) Bumped in Praba and Aldis, and damn Praba couldn't recognise me until this morning ! But anyway, i'll just let the pictures do the talking yep.

And oh, i had SUPPER before i went to sleep la !! 1 packet of Papa Instant Kueh Chap with a large egg and a mega glass of iced water - the purrrfect comfort food to have after filling the tummy up with liquor haha.

As for today (Sunday) i'll waive the calorie-counting and let the photos do the talking aye ? Ate way too much and i seriously got no idea how much calories they gonna cost me. It's pretty hard to google calories for Korean dishes.

[caption id="attachment_4746" align="aligncenter" width="550" caption="for lunch, i had 1 dumpling, 1 har gao, 1/2 chee cheong fun and the whole plate of fritters"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4747" align="aligncenter" width="550" caption="& for dinner, the whole plate of noodles, 1 dumpling, and all the sides, LOL."][/caption]

Total calories intake for the day : Ambiguous ♥

I felt like i ate more than 3000kcal just for today seriously. Did a 15min jog but it's definitely not enough luh. I'm crossing my fingers the scale won't go kaboom tomorrow morning. The amount of calories i'm taking in for the past FOUR DAYS, seriously exceeds the amount i would have taken in TWO WEEKS ! So i guess you guys will know what's gonna happen for the next few days aye ? I feel the need do something to my intake before my appetite and weight grows again you see.

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