Vegan, or not ?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Looking at these thinspirations make me really wanna go all out to get down to 45-47kg

Initial plan was to go all vege and fruits (i was really determined to you know !) but my mom sneakily threw in some salmon into my broccoli-cauliflower soup so yeah, i ended up not doing vegan today lol. Maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow la hor ? And because the "chain" was disrupted, i decided to snack on my favourite oat & honey granola cause i was still very very very hungry after finishing my soup. In fact, my tumtum is still growling away while im typing this entry la. Any idea why am i always feeling hungry ? LOL.

Monday (breakfast, 85kcal) 1 apple (lunch, 134kcal) 1 cup boiled frozen peas (noon snack, 35kcal) 1 tomato (dinner 200kcal) 1 cup boiled broccoli, 1 cup boiled cauliflower, 3 slices salmon, 1 yong tau hu tofu minus the fish paste (evening snack, 240kcal) 1 slice honeydew, 1 pack Nature Valley granola bar oats & honey flavour

Total calories intake for the day : 694kcal ♥
Morning : 48.5KG // Night: 49.0KG

xoxo, your weight-loss psychotic

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