It's hard to lose weight

Monday, December 13, 2010

If you had been religiously following me since i started dieting back in October, you would realise that there is consistent weight fall only when i was doing the 3 day tuna diet - i went from 51.5 to 49.5kg and thereafter, my weight had been going up and down, hit my new low, rised abit, stayed stagnant for awhile, and now it seems to be rising again no matter how little i eat.

Looking back, i didn't really consume very little calories during those tuna diet days. Calories intake stayed within the range of 534 - 1096kcal. In fact, i had been taking in lesser net calories in the recent weeks because i've incorporated tonnes of running along with my low-calorie diet so by right i should lose more weight right ?! But NOOOOOOO - no weight loss at all !

Was googling for more thinspirations and diet/weight-loss ideas and it struck me - why not blog about some of my personal weight-loss tips on top of my daily meals/intakes for the day ? But having failed in dieting, i won't say that these tips would work 100% and oh, not totally healthy too, haha !

So i'll start off with 5 8 (cause i'm feeling generous lol) tips today ♥

#1 Keep a thinspiration book/log Get a really nice journal or something and print/cut pictures of skinny models/girls, tips, quotes, or even workouts, and stick it in there. Whenever you feel like binge-ing, take out this book and flip through it.

I have been obsessed with skinny/stick-thin girls since i was in secondary school (i still am and i really really wanna be one of them) and since then i have been collecting photos from all over the place. Till date i've got almost 10 of them ! To me, they are like a witches' grimoire - my very own compilation of thinspiration to keep myself going. It helps alot !

#2 Take a polaroid/ mobile picture of yourself wearing nothing but your underwear and whenever you feel like or want to binge, look at it and see all those fats that you've been trying so hard to get rid of ? Now tell me if you still wanna go on with eating. Carry this photo with you wherever you go but of course, be careful not to lose it. I'll probably die of embarrassment or anything of that sort if someone ever sees me with my thunder thighs and flabby arms and tummy.

#3 When you want to eat something you shouldn’t, make a list of 20 reasons why you shouldn’t, and read it at least 20 times Haha i know this sounds really stupid but most of the time, when you're done with the reasonings, you've probably lost the urge and crave to eat. For myself, i do this everytime i feel like eating whether or not the food i'm craving for is a should or should not. Just a heads up that this is really really unhealthy and harmful for your body cause i used to (back in poly days) do this to myself even when i have not consumed anything for the day at all.

Alternatively, you could #4 Count to 100 really slowly and sometimes, the crave might pass. I remember reading somewhere (i don't know if it's real) that counting changes the mind's direction in thought. So i guess this is what we call distraction ?

#5 Pick one food for the day For example, an apple. Cut it into 4 quarters. Eat a quarter per meal. 1 for breakfast, 1 for lunch, 1 for dinner, and you’ve got 1 extra left for snack. This may sound ridiculous, insane, unhealthy and impossible to some but when one is desperate to lose weight, you'll do anything and i really mean anything. I've only done this like twice only though haha - love food too much to give it up just like that.

#6 Pinch all your fats when you want to eat and having seen how disgusting it is, you'll think that if you eat you’ll just add more to it and obviously we all don’t want that. Or, worst come to worst, #7 Wear a rubber band around your wrist and snap it when you feel like eating. You’ll train yourself not to even think about eating. This works equally well for those who are trying to quit smoking.

Last but not least (i recall how often i implement this tip because i can't seem to go along with tip #5) #8 Eat breakfast and lunch only or just breakfast only. Never, NEVER eat dinner because if you do, you end up not giving your body enough time to burn off the calories. Or if you're afraid you'll get hungry towards the end of the day, you can have three meals but SMALL meals and you must finish up the last bit of eating at least four hours before you go to sleep. This way your metabolism will burn some of it up before you get into bed.

Okay, that's a huge chunk of word vomit. I realise that as i grow older, all these determination that used to be soooo strong seem to fade away. But i'm glad that i'm sharing these with you guys cause while i type away, i feel that i really wanna look like how i used to look and i actually get to see in comparison how lazy and less determined i am right now. So i better go grab my instax and snap a polaroid of my semi naked body after i publish this post heh.

Ok, nuff' said. It's time for MFTD and i'll continue with more tips tomorrow yep ?

Sunday (breakfast, 215kcal) 1 piece soon kueh, 1/4 plate fried carrot cake (lunch, 0kcal) skipped (noon snack, 98kcal) 1 piece soon kueh (dinner 349kcal) 1 bowl sliced fish soup without evaporated milk (cardio -442kcal) 8.40km in 35:10

Total calories intake for the day : 662 - 442 = 220kcal ♥
Morning : 49.0KG // Night: 49.5KG

xoxo, your weight-loss psychotic

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