Friday, December 17, 2010

Wednesday (breakfast, 280kcal) 2 Provence cream wassant (lunch, 206kcal) 1 pack Replacement meal flavoured Lemon chilli fish with rice (afternoon snack, 140kcal) 1 Provence cream wassant (dinner, 145kcal) 1/2 can Campbell borsch soup, 1 piece Sarawak pineapple (evening snack, 332kcal) 1 Provence cream wassant, 1 pack Meiji plain crackers, 10 pieces mini marshmallows (cardio -129kcal) 5.04km in 21:46

Total calories intake for the day : 1103 - 129 = 974kcal ♥
Morning : 48.5KG // Night: 49.5KG

Finally met up with Meiyan after sooooo long. It has been a norm for the both of us to have Sakae Sushi whenever we meet and people often just conform to norms (pardon these sociology terms, but ive been studying LOL !) we decided to have lunch-dinner at Wheelock's Sakae. And seriously, MY and i didn't quite enjoyed the food and we probably only ate 1/3 of what we use to eat. First, her sprite took forever to come. Second, everytime our food comes to us, it's cold, and the list goes on and on. But all those bitching and gossiping was awesome much haha.

Thursday (breakfast, 250kcal) 1 Provence cream wassant, 1 sachet Super 3 in 1 cereal mix (lunch + dinner, approximately 1516kcal) Sakae Sushi Buffet

Total calories intake for the day : Ambiguous ♥
Morning : 48.5KG // Night: 49.0KG

Approximate calorie intake breakdown for what i had at Sakae are as follows - 2 servings Kakiage 468kcal, 2 servings Potato Croquette 476kcal, 2 cups Kani Chawamushi 232kcal, 3 slices Salmon Sashimi 52kcal, 1 serving Kani Tempura 288kcal.

And till now (6 hours after dinner) i'm still so fucking bloated i feel like i'm gonna throw up. Not cause i feel fat (though i very much am) and i wanna get rid of the food but i'm really really really full. Anyhow, since i'm on the tummy-topic right now, i might as well share with you guys some stuffs bout belly fats (:

Visceral Fat is scientifically known as abdominal fat, organ fat or intra-abdominal fat. However most people will be more familiar with terms such as Beer Belly, Muffin Top, Love Handles, or Pot Belly.

Visceral fat are actually a major health risk. Such fat is located between internal organs and torso of the abdomen. Therefore, it is not the fat under your skin and is fat surrounding your vital organs. Excess visceral fat causes central obesity and indicates a higher risk of having cardiovascular disease. Central obesity is then associated with a large waist circumference and having an apple shaped body. Apple shaped, high visceral fat and large waist circumference increase one's risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease and is also a marker that suggests you could have Metabolic Syndrome.

Place a measuring tape on your navel and wrap it around to measure your waist circumference. You are at risk of suffering from health problems if :

  1. You're a man and have a waist circumference greater than 100 cm

  2. You're a woman have a waist circumference greater than 90 cm

I know some are gonna say i'm prolly nowhere near 90cm but no, i'm like 80 already lol. And \according to Natalie Black, sit-ups don’t work to make our stomach flatter and we can’t spot reduce. The best way to reduce visceral fat is a through eating a balanced diet (and Natalie recommended a protein-dominant diet) and regular cardiovascular and resistance exercise.

xoxo, your weight-loss psychotic

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