Eat-all-you-can day

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday (breakfast, 423kcal) Mcdees iced milo and hashbrown (lunch, 695kcal) 1 bowl Thai Express tomyam seafood glass noodle soup, 1 scoop The Daily Scoop macha azuki ice cream (afternoon snack, 290kcal) 1 stick Provence Bakery honey french toast (dinner, 63kcal) 1/2 can Campbell borsch soup

Total calories intake for the day : 1471kcal ♥
Morning : 48.5KG // Night: 48.5KG

And while i'm typing away, my stomach is growling like a monster. And i don't dare to eat/ snack away cause i'm afraid all of today's intake will reflect on the scale tomorrow. It's just ironic how i always feel hungry faster and feel wayyyyy hungrier when i eat 3 (or more) proper meals than when i am on diet or restrict my food intake. How nice zzz.

xoxo, your weight-loss psychotic

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